Document your progress, stay on schedule and make better decisions using our HD time lapse video service. With our time lapse cameras and software, you can monitor your jobsite 24/7 with day to day images, and live camera view as well as go back to any day throughout your project. Using our software you can create stunning HD time lapse videos with one click.

Time Lapse Construction Security Camera


Using ECAMSECURE’s time lapse project management service allows you to keep historical documentation of your entire project in HD quality video. ECAMSECURE’s time lapse service can also keep track of milestones and track the progress of any project, giving you clear forensic evidence of when jobs were completed. Our time lapse software allows you to zoom in on your project and view the most intricate details of the job to be sure the project stays on time and under budget.

This video can also be used for marketing purposes by creating impressive marketing presentations of your entire project from start to finish.


With ECAMSECURE’s Time Lapse Software You Can:

  • Create stunning time lapse presentations with one click.
  • Protect your project from inaccurate liability claims.
  • Verify scheduled events along with employee schedules

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Using ECAMSECURE’s time lapse user interface is easy. We designed our time lapse software with the end user in mind.

Our user interface is powerful and intuitive allowing you to compare a projects progress each day, create time lapse video’s with one click and view your jobsite camera live from any connected device.

Using our time lapse software you can easily keep track of your project.

Our time lapse software includes:

  • One click time lapse video creation
  • Easy access from any connected device
  • Split images from different milestones in your project and overlay for comparison
  • A project calendar for easy access to images on any given day

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Construction Project Time Lapse
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Whether you just need documentation of your job site, or if you want to create a high definition marketing time lapse video, we have the right camera for you.

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Enter to win time lapse for your next project

Time Lapse Intro Video

Our time lapse services can be used to document the progress of your jobsite, for remote project management or to create stunning time lapse videos. Watch our short video to learn more.