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Job Site Access Control

Managing and Restricting Access to Your Job Site

By Carlos Hazbun | Access Control | No Comments

A Guide for Managing and Restricting Access to Your Job Site

Access control is one of the keys to solid security, but most access control systems are hopelessly outdated. Relying on outdated technology deprives you of new security technology that can strengthen your job site security. Here’s a look at the latest access control hardware and software video monitoring service technology leading security professionals are using today, along with some tips on policies and procedures for getting the most out of today’s cutting-edge technology.


Network video door stations are one of today’s most effective hardware solutions for access control to ensure job site security. A network video door station contains an HD video camera you can position strategically at an entry point so you can use remote software or even a mobile app to clearly see who is at the door. Two-way audio also enables you to communicate instructions to personnel seeking entry or to request identification. Deploying a network video station allows you to definitively verify who is requesting access to any location, regardless of whether you’re physically present or not.

To support network video door stations, you should also install surveillance cameras at other key points on your job site. The easiest way to do this is by deploying mobile surveillance units, which are wireless and can be installed anywhere.

Touch-free readers are another cutting-edge hardware tool. For instance, the E Reader is a touch-free reader with a keypad that supports most smart cards and can be used both outdoors and indoors. The keypad is illuminated with clearly visible symbols so it’s easy for the user to see, and it includes a sounder to provide user feedback.

Network video door stations


Software is another important component of a complete entry management system. One of today’s best software solutions is S2 Visitor Management, which allows you to add and assign access using simple drag and drop from any computer. Use S2 Visitor Management to have complete control over who is allowed to enter your job site.

S2 Visitor Management supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices, which lowers your installation costs by avoiding the need to run additional power cables and provide dedicated power. Its material is plenum-rated, so it won’t contribute to spreading flames in the event of fire, making it safe to use between drop ceilings or floorboards where ventilation systems usually reside.

Access Control Software

Visitor Policies and Procedures

In order to get the maximum benefit out of today’s access control technology, it’s vital to follow sound strategies for visitor policies and procedures. Signing in should be mandatory for all personnel. Electronic device restrictions can prevent potential problems.

Once visitors are permitted access to your site, they should be assigned visitor badges. You can then keep track of them by assigning them a personal escort or by using an IP access control system. An IP access control system allows you to track visitor movements with your existing network infrastructure without installing additional network cables.

Determining which areas of your site visitors are allowed to access is also important. For maximum security, visitors should only be allowed to visit areas that serve the purpose of their visit and should be restricted from other areas, especially areas that pose security or safety issues. Designating some areas as completely off-limits to visitors can avoid potential problems.

visitor policies and procedures

Temporary and Contract Workers

It’s also important to follow strong security policies and procedures with temporary and contract workers. As with visitors, for maximum security, don’t give temporary and contract workers more access than is necessary to achieve the purpose of their presence. Develop procedures for turning their access on and off as efficiently as possible. Entry Manager’s drag-and-drop feature enables you to do this easily and effectively.


Network video door stations, mobile surveillance units, touch-free readers and Access Management software are some of the leading access control security technology tools available today. These tools work most effectively when combined with policies and procedures that allow you to monitor visitors and temporary and contract workers and to limit their movements within authorized areas.

The best way to get started using today’s cutting-edge access control technology is to consult an expert who can assist you. No matter what your security needs, ECAMSECURE has what you need. Click here to request a quote.