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Upgrading Your Integrated Security with Elevated Temperature Checks

By Carlos Hazbun | Access Control, Thermal Cameras | No Comments

Upgrading Your Integrated Security with Elevated Temperature Checks

Whether you’re looking for a completely new security system or want to expand the one you have, there’s never been a better time to add an integrated security solution — and virtual temperature screening is one feature you’ll want to consider.

What are integrated security systems?

Integrated security systems use advanced technology in concert with expert remote security teams to protect perimeter security, control and limit access, and much more. An integrated security solutions provider like ECAMSECURE offers technology that can serve in a number of capacities:

  • Deter — Highly visible camera systems prevent incidents before they happen. 
  • Detect — When suspicious activity occurs, our high definition cameras detect and document it for law enforcement. 
  • Analyze — A remote virtual guard is always available to take a closer look at suspicious activity, and take active measures to stop it. 
  • Respond — When an incident occurs, you’ll know about it. From advanced notification capability to two-way audio to remotely confront intruders, we have the tools to stop crime. 

The end result is an integrated program that improves communications, expedites response, and enables more comprehensive coverage with fewer on-staff security team members — a value add during a time of social distancing and staffing shortages.

Integrated virtual temperature screening

Unfortunately, thieves aren’t the only danger facing our employees these days. Many public-facing institutions are using thermal screening to detect persons with an elevated body temperature (EBT) — a symptom of COVID-19 infection — as part of employee health and screening (EH&S). For example, many airports have already implemented these technologies in addition to existing TSA security protocols

Companies that use integrated security systems have a distinct advantage when it comes to seamlessly introducing a temperature screening apparatus into their existing system. Rather than relying on piecemeal, siloed measures and introducing more tasks, adding an integrated thermal security camera supports your security team, expedites processing, and protects your front-line personnel.  

How it works

Virtual temperature screening uses highly accurate thermographic IP cameras to track body temperature. These cameras can be positioned at high-traffic entryways to quickly pinpoint persons who may have a fever, so they can be checked for symptoms or denied entry outright if necessary. 

Integrated ECAMSECURE Virtual Temperature Screening technology is monitored by a remote team to allow on-site security to welcome guests and monitor the on-the-ground situation. We provide real-time software updates when a high body temperature is detected, keeping you and your team in the know.

Add thermal screening to turnstiles and you can expand temperature coverage at all entrances to 24/7 without increasing staffing. Easy-to-use thermal sensors require no in-person staffing, and remote two-way communication allows our team to reach out to persons as needed.

Increasing overall security robustness with ECAM

ECAMSECURE offers fully integrated, comprehensive security solutions to provide stopgap security coverage, to expand visibility in areas like parking lots and garages, and to control access points using thermal screening. 

Popular integrated security solutions include:

  • Virtual Guard video monitoring services — Remote 24-hour coverage from our real-time, UL-rated central station support team. 
  • Virtual Temperature Screening — High level thermal coverage to support screening operations and limit access for potentially symptomatic persons. 
  • Mobile Security Units — Extend your coverage range with independent off-the-grid hybrid camera systems for parking structures and lots, remote property features, and more.

These systems can be deployed alone or in combination, and can be fully integrated with your existing security system. 


Protecting your property and your people is a bigger challenge than ever. Rather than relying on individual solutions, more businesses are turning to integrated solutions to protect against COVID-19 and the complications it has created. 

When choosing an integrated solution, be sure to find a partner that you can rely on. ECAMSECURE brings years of security experience to the table. Our experts understand comprehensive security and will provide the right combination of hardware and add-ons to provide maximum safety and security. 

The security experts at ECAMSECURE can help design the security solution that's right for you.

Disclaimer: Products depicted herein are not medical devices and are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals. When configured correctly, the products discussed herein can identify individuals showing higher than average skin temperature relative to a sample population.