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School Campus Security

Campus Security, Policies to Make Schools Safer

By Carlos Hazbun | Campus Safety | No Comments

Protective Policies to Make Schools Safer

National Center for Education Statistics data shows that many public schools are already taking security measures that have been previously recommended, but adoption of these measures is far from universal. Here are seven security measures and other policies that schools can use to keep their students and faculty secure.

Controlling Building Access during School Hours

Over 94 percent of primary and middle schools and over 88 percent of high schools control access to buildings during school hours. Maintaining centralized, controlled access points increases schools’ ability to prevent dangerous individuals from entering school premises. The best way to control building access is to deploy an access control system from a top provider such as ECAMSECURE. Access control systems use technology such as smart ID cards to restrict access to authorized personnel and maintain control of movement to and from facilities. Card E Readers can be paired with site surveillance equipment such as an on site camera on a network video door station to allow a remote virtual security officer to verify the identity of individuals requesting access. The school’s video and alarm system can be set up to automatically alert authorities if an unauthorized individual attempts access.

Access Control School Campus
School Campus Security Cameras

Installing Security Cameras

An on site camera system forms another key component of an effective school security strategy. Site surveillance cameras monitored by guards or artificial intelligence can quickly detect threat incidents and alert school supervisors and law enforcement authorities. Cameras integrated with a video and alarm system can also serve as a deterrent by alerting would-be aggressors to the fact their activities are being monitored. Today’s best camera surveillance systems employ wireless technology to allow for easy installation anywhere on school premises and remote monitoring for any location. Best-in-class cameras also use high-definition video to provide sharp details, making it easier to identify individuals through cross-reference with school and law enforcement databases.

Requiring Faculty and Staff to Wear Badges

A policy step schools can take to promote security is requiring faculty and staff to wear badges. This can make it more difficulty for unauthorized personnel to enter the premises by posing as a teacher or staff member. It can also serve to make faculty members more security-conscious. Badges that double as ID cards can be used as access cards in conjunction with access control systems.

Campus Security Badges
Student Safety ID

Requiring Students to Wear ID’s

Making students wear IDs can also help boost school security. Smart ID cards can be used as part of an access control system. This not only limits building access to authorized students, but it allows school security to identify which students are on the premises at all times. This makes it easier to spot when students with known disciplinary problems are present, as well as facilitating a head count of students in an emergency situation.

Requiring Dress Codes and Student Uniforms

Implementing a dress code can be another way to improve school security, especially if the dress code includes school uniforms. Dress codes and uniforms encourage good student behavior, while making it harder to conceal weapons and easier to spot intruders. Nearly eight in ten principals believe school uniforms improve class discipline, a survey by the National Association of Elementary School Principals found. Some school districts have found that requiring student uniforms decreases crime by over 90 percent.

School Safety Uniforms
school campus metal detectors

Using Metal Detectors

Another step schools can take to bolster safety is using metal detectors. Metal detectors make it much more difficult to smuggle guns and other weapons onto school property. They also serve as a deterrent, since those who would bring guns onto school premises are aware they will be scanned and spotted.

Deploying Drug Dogs

Drug dogs can also help deter violent crime at schools. The frequent association between drugs and gang activity makes drugs a potential contributor to school violence. Drug dogs can help reduce this type of activity and sniff out potential problems before they escalate into violence.

Drug Sniffing Dogs on School Campus

Building access control, security cameras, staff badges, student IDs, dress codes, metal detectors and drug dogs are seven steps schools can take to make their facilities more secure for students and faculty. Implementing an access control system with a virtual security officer can be a first step towards improving security, laying the foundation for a comprehensive, integrated security strategy. By implementing these steps, schools can create a safer, more secure environment for teachers and students so they can worry less about safety and more about learning.

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