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Securing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Securing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

By Carlos Hazbun | CCTV | No Comments

Securing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries are becoming more common across the country, with over 2,604,079 medical marijuana patients registered in the US. With the rise of the medical marijuana business comes the need to secure the places where customers can receive their prescriptions. Medical marijuana dispensaries are unlike any other business or store front, and it follows that they thus require unique security and surveillance strategies to keep them secure and safe.

Security Threats

Medical marijuana dispensaries face many of the same security issues as other businesses, but they also face some unique challenges as well.

Inventory Shrinkage

Whether from an inside or outside perpetrator, inventory loss is the biggest concern of most medical marijuana dispensary owners and managers. The inventory of a dispensary is high-value, high-demand, and can be moved easily on the black market. This makes dispensary inventory a tempting target for thieves both inside and outside of your business, and keeping an eye on your inventory with high-tech video surveillance can make the difference.

Employee Theft

In addition to the loss of inventory, employees in medical marijuana dispensaries can pose additional security risks. This might include unauthorized deal-marking or discounting (“sweet-hearting” friends or family), skimming from sold inventory, or stealing from the register. These sorts of theft can be more difficult to detect than traditional shoplifting or burglary. Modern surveillance technology can offer a solution.

Property Damage

Whether during hours or after hours, medical marijuana dispensaries face security threats to their physical facilities as well. Even if criminals aren’t looking to make off with inventory or cash, they may be looking to steal equipment, damage property, or engage in the senseless vandalism of your business. Proper security surveillance can prevent such crimes.

Danger to Employees and Customers

Since the inventory of a medical marijuana dispensary is such a hot target, dispensaries can be at risk for strong-armed robberies and burglary—even during store hours. This means that your customers and employees are also at risk from possibly violent criminals during robberies.

Surveillance Solutions

Did you know that every state that allows legal medical marijuana dispensaries also requires that a comprehensive video surveillance program is in place at that dispensary? Modern video surveillance goes far beyond the traditional black and white CCTV monitoring of yesterday. Here are some solutions that might help.

Dispensaries can use modern technology to secure their facility and operations 24-hours a day. Owners and managers of medical marijuana dispensaries can monitor customers, employees, and potential criminals.

It takes a professional video security firm to set up these modern systems, but once in place, the security provided is impossible to beat.

IP Networked Video

Traditional closed circuit television systems are limited in their range and scope. But Unlike IP video works using an IP network to send video streams and images to any location with lightning-fast speeds. As you might expect, this also means that video feeds can be monitored remotely using mobile applications and software. IP networked video offers flexibility and freedom from typical wired and cabled monitoring systems.

Full HD Resolution
You’ve probably seen grainy CCTV video footage on the news. It can be difficult to see, understand, assess, and prosecute crimes happening in your medical marijuana dispensary with such low-quality images. Working with a professional surveillance firm will mean that you’re only getting the best high definition video recording. Crystal-clear images will make it easy to secure your business.

Wide Dynamic Range

This technical term simply means the ability to record and view video in many different physical contexts. This includes low-light situations, situations where overexposure may occur, or situations where the visual field is otherwise compromised by atmospheric lighting issues. WDR gives you the ability to view sharp, clear images—even when the areas you are monitoring are not optimally lit.

Protective Housing

Video surveillance is no good to anyone if it’s not functioning. In high-traffic areas, or in areas where crime is likely to occur, it is especially important to protect the surveillance equipment that is protecting your business. A professional surveillance firm can set you up with sturdy and reliable camera systems to monitor your medical marijuana dispensary. With the proper physical protection, vandals, criminals, and would-be thieves won’t be able to compromise the physical setup of your surveillance equipment.

Video Management and Analysis

If you’re serious about security surveillance at your medical marijuana dispensary, then you probably want more than just passive video observation. Modern technology allows for the networking of multiple video detection devices into “smart” systems. These systems offer computerized analytics, automated responses, and intelligent storage of video recordings. This helps streamline the security process, making for a more efficient and effective video surveillance program.

Remote Check-in and Monitoring

In addition to video management and analysis, modern video surveillance systems can be tied to monitoring services that provide 24-hour assessment of your video feeds. Virtual guards or monitoring personnel can provide constant supervision of your video feeds, and respond accordingly to any noted activity. This monitoring can extend even to the owner or manager of the medical marijuana dispensary, allowing for remote check-in that lets business owners observe operations, security, and service at their facility.