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3 Common Ways Criminals Target Your Business

By Carlos Hazbun | Commercial Security | No Comments

3 Common Ways Criminals Target Your Business

Auto dealerships, construction sites, and retail spaces are all high-value locations targeted for theft by criminals. But how they’re targeted is much different depending on the type of business. Though the hot spots may vary, the solution to prevent theft is often the same. These are the three most vulnerable places where theft occurs and how you can use a security surveillance system to prevent it from happening to you.

Auto Dealerships

Do you ever notice how grocery stores have a few products displayed in front of the store? It’s usually something small like flowers, firewood, pumpkins or other seasonal items for shoppers to grab on their way in or out the door. Grocery stores do usually have security, but a missing pumpkin here or there isn’t going to ruin the bottom line — 99 percent of the valuables are on the inside.

The opposite is true of the car dealership, which stores millions of dollars in merchandise on the front lot while just a few display models are protected inside. These high-value properties are high-priority targets to criminals who will literally break down the front doors to steal cars off the lot. Most dealerships are wrapped in large glass panels; these are the vulnerable spots that criminals tend to target. So what deters this (besides securing the keys at night)? A security surveillance system that is sure to catch them after the act. And the more robust the system, the more criminals will think before attempting a robbery.

Auto Dealership

Construction Sites

Making off with a car may seem like a crime seen in a movie, but petty theft from unprotected construction site happens all too often. Lumber, tool, equipment, and even construction vehicles are all victim to what some call “the billion-dollar crime” each year because that’s the estimated collective loss in theft from construction sites. Since construction sites are rarely guarded my permanent barriers, criminals will look for weak places in fences to get through.

Luckily, there’s an entire industry dedicated to security surveillance systems and overall security on a construction site. These usually come in the forms of mobile surveillance units housed with cameras, lights and networking capabilities that alert police when foul play is suspected. But the best part is that they’re fully mobile and can be moved from site to site when each job is finished.

Construction Site

Retail Space

Auto dealerships and construction sites need security most in the middle of the night, but the majority of retail theft happens during operating hours (and often from the employees themselves). This adds a new challenge to loss prevention where most retail stores hire a plain-clothes guard to look out for theft. This can stop your high-ticket items from disappearing out the front door, but it doesn’t stop everyone  this is where a security surveillance system can save the day once again.

A good camera system should blanket the store with an emphasis on the register, high-value tables, and the front door. Make those cameras visible and criminals will be less likely to swipe items when they realize they’re on video.

Retail Space

The more robust your security surveillance system and the more visible it is to criminals, the less likely it is they attempt to steal anything in the first place. The best crime solution is a crime deterrent.

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