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Business Security for the Holdays

5 Tips to Protect Your Business During the Holidays

By Carlos Hazbun | Commercial Security | No Comments

5 Tips to Protect Your Business During the Holidays

The holiday season is the peak sales season for most businesses, but it’s also the prime crime season for thieves. This year, businesses are facing a growing threat from organized retail crime ring activity, which increased 67 percent over the past year, according to the National Retail Federation. Ninety-six percent of companies were hit by OCR theft last year, with six in ten retailers eventually recovering stolen property from fencing locations and nearly three in ten finding stolen property on sale outside the United States. Return fraud is also up, with 11 percent of returns expected to be fraudulent.

The increased risk of theft this holiday season makes it imperative for business owners to take extra security precautions. Here are five commercial property security tips you can implement to help make sure you don’t lose your holiday profits to thieves.

Train Your Staff in Security Procedures & Protocols

The first step for strengthening your holiday security is making sure your staff is trained to handle the heightened seasonal activity. Pair experienced employees with new and seasonal workers to make sure they understand your company’s security procedures. Make sure workers who handle transactions and cash are trained in cash handling procedures and how to spot return fraud tactics. Most data breaches result from employees processing a payment incorrectly or otherwise failing to follow established security protocols, according to goEmerchant.

Staff training on security procedures

Invest in a Video Monitoring Service

Using video surveillance technology is another strategy to keep your store secure over the holidays. A remote video monitoring service can help you deter thieves during hours when your business is closed when used in conjunction with warning signs, automated motion sensors, and lighting systems. Deploying a remote video monitoring service can also help you spot theft activity during business hours, including employee theft, one of the biggest contributors to shrinkage. Additionally, using surveillance systems can help you identify thieves who get away, which may eventually assist you in retrieving stolen property and prosecuting offenders.

Video Surveillance for the Holiday Season

Test Your Security Equipment

It’s also important to test your security equipment to make sure it’s working properly. This includes testing cameras, motion sensors, locks, alarms, panic buttons, and cybersecurity systems. Perform any maintenance or upgrades that you need to bring your equipment into proper working condition. Make sure that none of your holiday decorations are obstructing the view of your camera systems.

Checklist for testing security equipment

Update Your Security Provider about Your Holiday Hours

Your business may have different operating hours during the holidays. If so, it’s important to inform your security provider about what changes they should be aware of during the holidays to make sure they spot any unusual activity. Let your remote video monitoring service know what hours your business will be closed over the holiday season. Additionally, double-check your emergency contact lists to make sure your provider has the correct current information in case they do need to notify you of an incident.

Holiday security | update opening hours

Cooperate with Law Enforcement

Criminals often try to pawn stolen goods at pawn shops, flea market kiosks, temporary “pop-up” storefronts, and e-commerce websites. By working with law enforcement and insurance providers to monitor these fencing outlets, many companies are able to retrieve stolen property and partially recover their losses. Actively cooperating with law enforcement can help you minimize your losses from theft and can also help police break up theft rings by spotting patterns. Be sure to share any surveillance footage with the appropriate authorities.

Security and Law Enforcement during holiday season

We're here to help

Following these steps will help keep your property and employees secure for the holidays but if you want added security services, we’re here to help. Contact us to see how we can help security your people and property this holiday season.

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