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Four Weaknesses Burlers Love

Weaknesses, Burglars and Security Surveillance

By Carlos Hazbun | Commercial Security | No Comments

Four Weaknesses Burglars Love and How Security Surveillance Can Help

What attracts burglars to your property? Ease of access and the potential to enter, steal and escape undetected. It makes sense since most criminals aren’t looking to commit the heist of the century; they’re hoping to get in, grab what they can and get out before anyone has time to notice. And despite best efforts, many commercial properties offer bad actors exactly what they’re after — here’s a look at the top four weaknesses burglars love, and how the right security surveillance installation can convince criminals that it’s better to try their luck somewhere else.

1. Weak Entry and Exit Points

You’ve spent the money barring obvious window entries and alarming the premises. The problem? Burglar alarms rank number 13 on the list of effective deterrents — especially if you’ve got weak entry and exit points. What does this mean in practice? If any door leading into your business isn’t metal and doesn’t use at least one deadbolt, you’ve got a problem. It’s also a good idea to think about entry and exit beyond the confines of doors. Does your property have a surrounding fence? How high is it? Does it have secure gates? By taking the time to install obviously strong, secure doors and clearly demarcated entry and exit points, you can convince criminals that it’s not worth their time to attempt a break-in. Better doors also take longer to break if bad actors are bold enough to try, giving your security system time to notify police.

Weak Entry Points Lure Burglers
Burglers Like The Dark

2. Darkness

In the absence of light, dark deeds flourish. This is especially true for commercial properties in industrial or rural areas that don’t see substantial foot or vehicle traffic at night; criminals are able to pick and choose targets without fear of being spotted. It’s critical for businesses to install external lights that are turned on all night, every night. This both prevents criminals from sneaking up to peer in windows and lets police and security officers see what’s happening if they’re called to respond.

Also a good idea? Security surveillance installation that includes thermal cameras, which can detect heat and therefore movement even if criminals attempt to hide. Think about it like this: No matter how much you spend on lighting, dark spots remain. Criminals may try to elude detection or capture by hiding in dark corners or hopping into vehicles. With thermal cameras you can track down body heat to locate burglars or discover which vehicles recently had their engines running to pinpoint getaway cars.

3. Nobody’s Home

Commercial properties such as car dealerships and construction sites are often vacant during the night. Burglars look for signs that no one’s home to plan potential break-ins — if they don’t see any movement, it’s a safe bet that no guards are on-site and they’ll be left to their own devices. Your options? Start with motion-activated lights. If criminals approaching your business are suddenly blinded by bright, unflinching lights chances are they’ll turn tail and run. Another option? Consider security surveillance installation that combines motion-sensitive detectors and lights with virtual security officer services, letting would-be thieves know they’ve been seen and that police are on the way.

Burglers Like it When Nobodys Home
Security Signage

4. No Obvious Security System

When it comes to security systems, don’t opt for subtle. Make it clear that potential bad actors are being watched by installing obvious security cameras, warning signs and branded signage that indicates active coverage. Next, make sure you’ve got a reliable camera system in place: CCTV cameras are the number one deterrent for break-ins.

Best bet? Specialize for your industry and property needs. For example, construction sites are often best-served by mobile surveillance units powered by solar energy that can shift position as required, while larger commercial buildings benefit from the combination of HDTV cameras, motion detection, and virtual security officer services. Bottom line? If you don’t have one, buy or rent a security camera system and let criminals know it’s up and running.

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