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Importance of Jobsite Security

By Carlos Hazbun | Construction Site Security | No Comments

Why Job Site Security is So Important

You can never be too careful when it comes to making sure that your property is safe. In the same way that we don’t leave valuable items lying around, or we lock our jewelry and money in a safe, every possible measure must be taken to ensure that our job sites and homes are secure from theft and vandalism. Most people would agree that there is no better way to do so than by monitoring your jobsite with surveillance systems. Furthermore, workers can be monitored with security cameras to make sure they are doing their jobs honestly and efficiently. Security systems are all about avoiding potentially unwanted and dangerous behavior and keeping you and your employees safe.

The Problem

The twenty-first century has brought great new inventions and technologies to the world, but there have been downsides to this as well. Over the past 10 years alone, construction site theft has risen to about $1 billion worth of valuable construction equipment gone missing. Valuables such as copper piping, lumber, generators, and steel are among the most commonly targeted items. In fact, experts have called copper theft like an “epidemic,” sweeping across the United States. Of the nearly 26,000 metal theft claims filed in 2013, a whopping 96% of them were of copper piping, and most of those are from open construction sites. Who knows what will be this valuable next month or next year? Steel or lumber could easily be next on these criminals’ lists.

How to prevent it from happening to you

As an owner of a construction site, this statistic is frightening, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. Security surveillance systems are one of the best options for deterring thieves and trespassers. When criminals see that there are cameras surrounding a site, studies have shown that they are much less likely to steal or deface property simply because of the risk of getting caught. Your valuables, like copper, attract thieves even more than you may realize. So, it is well worth it to install surveillance systems, they will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. There are different types of systems for every site, so if it is a high-risk property, a system with high-definition cameras, alarm triggers, and 24/7 monitors may be necessary. Some job sites may require much less equipment, but just having cameras present will be a huge help.

The additional benefits

Security systems have many other purposes, as well. In addition to preventing crime, surveillance cameras can serve as a sort of virtual shift manager for your employees. When workers know that they are being monitored, they are much more likely to put their best efforts rather than slacking off or showing up late. Time-lapse video is another helpful feature that comes with most professional security systems. The administrators can log in and view the daily and nightly activities and progress on the construction site without having to watch hours and hours of video. This can prevent dangerous or expensive mistakes from happening by allowing the managers to see what could go wrong before it’s too late. Also, having saved video of the progress on your construction site could be helpful down the road if there ends up being issues within the building because you can review what may have gone wrong. This can make it easier to fix your issue rather than having to spend time and money trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

You can make a difference

If you have any sort of job site or construction happening, you should absolutely consider investing in a security system. It is important for the safety of your employees and your property, and it can only help you in the long run. Simply purchasing a security system in the beginning of your project will be much more cost effective than losing equipment to theft and having to replace it over and over. One mistake can make your otherwise perfect project go haywire. But nearly every construction issue imaginable can be prevented or helped by having a simple, relatively inexpensive security system installed. And, if we all do this, we can help cut theft and vandalism down immensely.

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