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Using drones in real estate

Drones in Real Estate Marketing

By Carlos Hazbun | Drones, Real Estate | No Comments

Drones in Real Estate

Just a few short years ago the air above us became invaded by the high frequency buzzing sound of micro-drones flying overhead, at least at the mall. It quickly became the Millennial’s new favorite tech toy. At their inception, many questioned drones’ ability to find their niche within any consumer market other than RC toys, while others saw them as the future.

What was once a merely a plaything, has grown to become possibly one of the most helpful tools developed. Many countries with more lax UAV regulations, started implementing drone service technology into their businesses a couple of years. The utilization of drones quickly became another tool for the trade. The efficiency of camera-equipped drones within agriculture and livestock business allowed farmers and ranchers to check their crops and cattle without having to walk the fields. Drones also became quite useful for utility repair and maintenance companies, giving them the ability to safely inspect more power lines and transformers in less time. But this is only the beginning.

According to real estate firm Zillow, the housing market in the United States is set to move from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market over the next 18 months. This forecast suggests that there could be more “scroll and click” shoppers than ever before. With an influx of potential buyers, combined with the recent (August 2016) changes in U.S. drone law, the real estate market will see many big changes. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or “drones” as they are more commonly known, have become more than just a tech toy at a mall kiosk. They will soon become another tool of the trade. Many countries with more lax UAV regulations, started implementing drone service technology into their businesses a couple of years. Their utilization of drones in agriculture, livestock, utility inspection, and geomatics has helped to clear the runway for the real estate market to take off.

How Drones Have Changed Real Estate Marketing

From a marketing standpoint, many real estate agencies have been tied down by a model that has been very limited in its approach. That’s not to say that online videos, printed listings, open house events, and advertising are going anywhere, but limited in the sense that sometimes agents need to get people on the property for potential buyers to see for themselves. Drones have changed real estate marketing. Getting potential buyers to see the homes no longer means that they have to watch poorly shot walkthrough tours. Utilizing camera-equipped drones has created a less time intensive method to showcase property. This method appeals to digital and convenience based mentality. A video that has been captured with a drone removes the sometimes awkward element of human engagement, as well as bouncy hand-held footage.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Camera-equipped drones have made video marketing easier because of their ability to seamlessly stitch together a moving panorama from an angle that had never been seen. Even the best ground-based photos are seen as unimpressive compared to that of aerial photography and videography. New research is showing that drone listings get 60% more leads. Buyers can view every photo, watch every video, and read all the measurements and property-line details possible, but that does not compare to a drone captured flyover. Side note and a word of warning, those who are looking at homes online, they have also been exposed to the latest and greatest that Hollywood has to offer, so the video must be great. The only thing worse than not utilizing a drone service is using it poorly. While finding a professional operator to carry out these missions can be time-consuming, early adopters are likely to see increased revenue.

Highlight Your Properties Best Features

A broad sweeping view of the home from the air does add context, but to highlight your properties best features sometimes you must move inside. Drones are not limited to just aerial photography. Capabilities now allow for a first-person view stroll from the driveway, through the house and out the back door. From vaulted ceilings and spacious game rooms to spiral staircases and loft offices, drones are letting potential buyers become momentary residents in your listings. High-quality 4K resolution cameras that capture 30 FPS in the hands of a professional leaves viewers wanting to see it for themselves. When buyers can feel the cool water of the pool, hear the waves on the beach, or simply traverse the property from their laptop, they will be left wanting more.

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