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4 Benefits of an Integrated Security System

By Carlos Hazbun | Integrated Security Systems | No Comments

4 Benefits of an Integrated Security System

Integrated security systems provide a comprehensive, efficient view of your security situation without the vulnerabilities of stand-alone, siloed security systems. It’s common for a business to add on security systems as technology becomes available or in response to specific risks. But these ad hoc systems have shortcomings that only an integrated solution can address.

An integrated system uses a multi-layered approach, employing tools such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarms and more. Each layer communicates with the others, rather than operating independently, which benefits your entire operation.

The main benefits of adopting an integrated approach to security are discussed below.

1. Centralization

With an integrated system, you can have an overarching view of your security rather than needing to interact with each component individually. A centralized system can save time as well as provide a more organized workflow for everyone involved.

Centralization benefits organizations of all sizes. In 2017, Boeing opened its Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) to manage security and fire protection operations in the United States and enhance its ability to protect employees and assets around the world. With a centralized operations center, Boeing benefits from centralized emergency and non-emergency dispatch that facilitates crisis management response.

On a smaller scale, property managers or project managers for construction sites can use a centralized system to monitor for theft and potential liability situations. Coordinating response from a central location can reduce the potential for loss or injury.

2. Efficiency

Having a single point of contact for the security system will boost your organization’s effectiveness. Even if there are people in charge of different aspects of the operation, they can funnel information to a central point of communication.

Security technology such as smart video systems can boost operations as well:

  • Use video analytics to monitor access at a construction site or commercial property. The analytics can spot situations where people may be loitering or in need of assistance or unusual behavior that should be monitored in case an intervention is necessary.
  • Video can spot after-hours theft at a construction site or capture intruders in the act of theft or vandalism.
  • Conduct video inspections of your premises or use your remote monitoring system to escort guests around when you’re offsite.
  • Program video analytics systems to send alerts by email or text so you can manage by exception.

3. Proactive Monitoring

An integrated system can be the eyes and ears of business owners and managers when they can’t be onsite. You can see what’s happening at your facilities at any time via computer, smartphone or tablet.

For example, integrating video analytics with access control systems creates opportunities for advanced loss prevention for commercial properties and construction sites. Equipped with specialized software, these solutions can flag suspicious activities such as after-hours access or unauthorized movement of equipment or materials. Security officers can investigate a suspicious incident in minutes instead of hours, backed up by clear video evidence.


Commercial property managers can monitor tenant and visitor behavior to improve customer service. However, because commercial properties are often targeted for theft — with criminals stealing personal effects and company property such as computers and other electronics — video monitoring can also be used to alert security officers to intruders in real-time.

Taking a proactive approach will mitigate risks and damage, and minimize interruptions to normal business operations.

4. Cost Savings

The value of integrated security systems when it comes to managing risks is high.

Intelligent video systems are particularly beneficial when you consider the implications of improved compliance and reduction of losses from theft, fraud and false liability claims. An organization can successfully defend itself against injury and liability claims using comprehensive video coverage that corroborates statements from security officers.

Loitering is a common risk for commercial properties, often leading to property damage that could be expensive to repair.  Stopping vandalism before it can start will reduce losses from damages and potential claims.

A commercial property that develops a reputation for being unsafe could lose tenants or have to reduce rents to maintain the tenant base.

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