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How Security Guards are an Integral Part of Integrated Security Systems

By Carlos Hazbun | Integrated Security Systems | No Comments

How Security Guards are an Integral Part of Integrated Security Systems

Depending on the situation at your property, technology alone may not be able to provide the level of safety and security that you require. Perhaps your situation has changed – a new business with a lot more foot traffic has moved into the property, or you’re having issues with graffiti and vandalism that you haven’t been able to resolve. If your current system isn’t delivering the results you need, take advantage of the best that security officers and technology have to offer by incorporating guards into your security system.

Here are some reasons why having trained security professionals onsite will serve your property well.

On-Site Crisis Management

A security officer adds boots on the ground to your security plan — they provide a visual deterrent that surveillance warning signs just can’t match and are agents on the scene who can observe and report, as well as provide operational support for your management team.

Security guards can defuse situations, escorting unruly visitors and unauthorized persons off the property. Perhaps most importantly, a guard can coordinate with local emergency response personnel and communicate with emergency services. You can rely on them to operate with extreme competence and calm in times of crisis, leaving you the space to focus on your brand’s response to the emergency.

An Added Layer of Human Oversight

Security technology has a significant role in protecting your property. Alarms, CCTV, intrusion detection and other systems form a strong base layer to prevent and respond to theft, vandalism, accidents and other threats.

The main attribute of a security officer is to provide well-trained human judgment to the scene. A guard can continuously assess security threats and develop an appropriate in-the-moment response. A security guard on site will you get a big-picture view of the overall security situation. The presence of an officer adds a layer of deterrence for potential troublemakers, while also offering a sense of security to employees, visitors and customers who see the guard on duty.

For example, a guard can peacefully deal with loitering that appears harmless but can escalate to a threat if necessary. Left unchecked, loitering can lead groups to feel that there is no security on site and they may attempt more serious crimes on the premises.

Long term, the presence of a guard will pay off through reduced property damage, theft and threats of violence. There’s no substitute for human judgment in your security strategy.

Integration Delivers Maximum Value

Employing security technology together with on-site guards delivers the maximum benefits of an integrated security plan with organizations that have a need for both. Today’s well-trained guards are familiar with digital-based security systems and they can be trained on specialized systems as well, including fire, flood and air quality monitors.

Your security plan should blend technology and security officers in a balanced strategy that increases the effectiveness of the system as a whole.  Simply adding one or the other to your security plan without considering how they interact and can enhance each other won’t be the best long-term strategy. And over-reliance on one or the other could leave your property vulnerable in an emergency situation.

Guards can also provide feedback on the effectiveness of security technology and point out areas for improvement, like adjusting cameras to eliminate blind spots.

Add Security Guards to Your Security Plan

Look at your day-to-day operations. Do things seem to run smoothly? Or do the separate layers of your security plan struggle to work together? Different elements such as access control, security personnel, security technology and emergency response should share information and work together in a coordinated fashion. A comprehensive, cohesive strategy that includes security officers can be a powerful solution.

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