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Closing the Gaps in Your Parking Lot Security with Mobile Surveillance

By Carlos Hazbun | Mobile Surveillance Units | No Comments

Closing the Gaps in Your Parking Lot Security with Mobile Hybrid Units

Crime rates have increased where hardship from COVID-19 has slowed the local economy. The black market for stolen goods is alive and well, and many criminals are looking for chances to make an easy score.

Even in the best of times, vehicles are seen as an easy money-making opportunity for thieves, and as the recession drags on, parking lots and garages are frequent targets.

Many security teams are stepping up their coverage to help with catalytic converter theft prevention, break-ins, and other crimes of opportunity. Unfortunately, between cost-cutting measures and employee sick days, getting adequate coverage isn’t always easy.

Where cars equal cash for criminals

A car is usually one of the most valuable assets a person owns. It’s also the only one that people frequently leave exposed in situations where theft and vandalism are common, like parking lots and parking structures.

Employee parking lots are often a hotbed for criminal activity, especially when parking structures or lots aren’t adequately patrolled by security. Many parking areas are public-facing with unrestricted access from stairwells, open gates, and unmanned entrances, making them an easy target.

Even well-lit facilities like auto dealerships, auto yards, and long-term parking can become targets for desperate criminals. Many thefts occur beyond the view of wall-mounted security cameras, where they are out of reach for security personnel. With no identifying video evidence, items taken from a car are all but lost.

Stepping up manned patrols can prevent this kind of theft, but it requires the kind of hiring and staffing investment that many businesses can’t make right now. Thankfully, new technology offers solutions that can fill security gaps and protect property.

Mobile security coverage for less

Mobile surveillance units from ECAMSECURE provide 24/7 video and audio surveillance that can be deployed anywhere — even in places where hard-wired power isn’t available.

Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs) go beyond the capabilities of CCTV cameras, serving in a preventive capacity, and lowering the likelihood that crime is committed. With professional guards monitoring your video feeds, criminals can be deterred with two-way audio.

Meanwhile, high-resolution cameras collect detailed imagery and audio, so law enforcement can be dispatched quickly and accurately to the scene. MSUs can also support manned patrols to limit the number of false alarms.

MSU’s can be used to patrol remote, hard-to-reach areas so understaffed security teams can focus on protecting the property — all for less than the cost of hiring full-time guards. Four-camera MSU Hybrid systems can be installed anywhere, even off-the-grid, powered by a combination of solar panels and diesel.


Changing security needs often require new technologies to achieve the same protection. An old problem like catalytic converter theft intensifies and takes on new life when wider social conditions change.

Business owners employ new tools like ECAMSECURE Mobile Surveillance Units to get improved coverage for less investment than traditional security hiring and staffing. Our experts can help you find the model, power source, and custom configuration that’s right for your parking lot or structure.