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Customization Options Mobile Surveillance Units

By Carlos Hazbun | Mobile Surveillance Units | No Comments

Customization Options for Mobile Surveillance Units

There are few things in life more important to someone than their peace of mind. In today’s ever-changing and often menacing world, however, it’s never been harder to feel that peace.

That’s why more law enforcement agencies have started using state-of-the-art Mobile Surveillance Units to keep their communities safe.

Police departments all over the world have stepped their game up, upgrading to modern-day technology to fight against crime.
Law enforcement today uses tools like mobile police surveillance units, HD video surveillance towers, and lightweight, wearable and portable surveillance systems such as body cameras to save costs while at the same time improving community safety.

Hybrid Solar Powered Mobile Surveillance Unit

Mobile Surveillance Units

Easily one of the most potent modern crime-fighting tools for police departments must be the mobile surveillance unit (MSU). At a glance, they might seem like some type of construction site equipment.

In reality, however, an MSU has become a very popular, customizable option for areas that manpower and budget constraints prohibit officers from patrolling regularly. MSU’s are packed full of innovative features to help law enforcement personnel do their jobs and are highly customizable to suit any department’s needs.

Some of the features include:

  • High Definition Cameras

The unit’s electronic detection capabilities use high-definition cameras to provide a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the surrounding area and capturing any illegal activities. The quality of the video is excellent, providing fantastic clarity when slowing down or capturing individual frames when reviewing the footage.

These mobile security camera towers don’t miss a thing, allowing police departments to track down suspects, capture vehicle license plates, and keep vulnerable communities safe.

hi-definition cameras
  • Two-Way Audio Functionality

The MSU’s two-way audio function allows officers to listen in and hear anything going on by the device, as well as serving as a speaker for an officer to communicate and give instructions if needed.

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  • Built-In Cellular/Wireless Network Connection

The standard MSU can even be linked to cellular and wireless networks, allowing the device to transmit audio and video wherever and whenever necessary. There can’t be lag time and spotty networks when it comes to policing and community safety. That’s never a problem with ECAMSECURE’s superior products.

Cellular Connected Surveillance
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lights, Strobes and Sirens

If all else fails, MSU’s even come equipped with ultra-bright LED lights, strobes, and sirens. Along with the constant digital surveillance from the camera and audio, the MSU provides light to an area that might otherwise remain in the shadows.

Just the presence of the unit and the light it provides is enough to deter crime from happening.

Each MSU is a deterrent in and of itself, a powerful visual for would-be criminals that makes them think twice.

However, when it comes to customization options for the MSU, it doesn’t just end there.

  • Ultra-Portable Design

The MSU’s ultra-portable design means that it’s a real drag and drop solution for law enforcement. If anyone understands the importance of mobility, it’s law enforcement professionals. These cart-sized units can be deployed anywhere, anytime, and you can redeploy them at a moment’s notice. They’re the perfect option for an added layer of security wherever and whenever they’re needed.

  • No Need for Outside Power Sources

On top of the incredible portability, you’ll never need to worry about an MSU sucking up outside power. Each unit is entirely run using its internal power generated from built-in solar panels and a backup diesel engine for emergencies.
That means that no matter where law enforcement needs an MSU deployed, they’ll be juiced up and ready to catch criminals.

  • Easy Integration into Existing Systems

Another critical benefit of the MSU is how easily you can easily connect one with your other monitoring systems or modules.
Each unit can plug right into the current system’s network, allowing for seamless integration and flawless security where it’s needed most.
In short, there are few better options for an added layer of customizable security for police departments than a product like the ECAMSECURE Mobile Surveillance Unit.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to modern-day crime-fighting technology, MSUs make an excellent choice for Departments with limited budgets and manpower shortages.
Police departments embracing technology and adopting newer, ever-evolving ways to catch criminals is essential to the safety of the communities you police. An MSU is one of the many ways your department can do just that.

An MSU enables you to conserve valuable human resources to reduce the likelihood of administering officers to false alarms as well as collect data to use your resources more effectively. Your PD can document known criminals in HD video by increasing surveillance.

Want to save your limited resources by deploying MSU technology?

For more information on ECAMSURE and our MSU product line, call us toll-free at (800)-257-5512 to speak with a representative.