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Security Video Analytics

All you need to know about video analytics

By Carlos Hazbun | Monitoring | No Comments

All About Video Analytics

How does it help?

Security cameras usually film all day, every single day. They film all the uneventful events throughout the day well as the stuff that is worth reviewing. Sifting through this footage to look for one specific incident can be very tedious and boring, not to mention a giant waste of time. In order to go about this process in a more efficient way, video analytics software was created. It’s software that can be used in several ways that will help you sift through your security footage and look for whatever you want it to so that you don’t have to do it. This system makes having surveillance systems even more worthwhile because it ensures that your cameras are working efficiently all the time, while simultaneously saving your time and money.

Where do I start?

Though there are different installation and software options for video analytics, most of them have the same principle and work similarly. They are designed and tailored to your needs, so you can program what you want the software to look for, and it will do so. For example, if you want it to find trespassers, it will quickly go through all of the footage and show you everything that matches those criteria. It also works through pattern recognition, so you can program it to alert you with license plate and/or facial recognition, object removal, camera tampering, property vandalism, and much more. All of these features are unique to your needs, so if you’re particularly concerned with one thing, you can program it to do just that.

Once you figure out which software you want to use, you have one more big decision to make. How should you install your new video analyzer? The software can be installed one of a few ways. First, you can install an NVR, or network video recorder, to hook up to the camera which will allow all of the awesome features that video analytics has to offer. The downside to this would be that it requires more equipment than the alternative, so you have to set aside more space for it. You can also get the newest software, which is embedded into the camera itself, so it is convenient and easy to use, plus it’s up-to-date. People usually base this part off of what type of surveillance systems they want and what the cost difference would be. But, again, all of them work the same way, so this part solely depends on your personal preference.

Why should I use it?

The answer to this is simple: it saves time and money. First off, it can help prevent an incident before it even happens. By being programmed to recognize certain suspicious license plates or faces, the system will alert you when something out of order happens. Also, it’ll save employees and managers from having to look through hours and hours of footage just to review a few minutes of important video. So, the better question would probably be: why not have it installed?

Have questions about video analytics?

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