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9 Things to Consider Before Renewing Your Contract with Your Security Company

By Carlos Hazbun | Security | No Comments

9 Things to Consider Before Renewing Your Security Guard Company Contract

Your security guard provider should be a strategic partner committed to the success of your business. If it’s time to renew your contract with your current vendor or you’re thinking of adding this service to your security plan, here’s a look at some questions to ask a security guard company before you sign on the dotted line.

Keep in mind that some aspects such as licensing requirements vary by state. We’ll frequently look at California as an example because that’s where the bulk of our clients are, but we encourage you to find the answers for your state.

Read on to see the top 10 questions to ask a security guard company.

1. Are they licensed?

To secure a license from the state to operate a security guard company, the owners must undergo a thorough background check. Some states may refuse to grant a license to a person convicted of a felony within a specified period. In Washington it’s seven years and in Texas, it’s five years, depending on the offense.

California also searches for violations of the Private Security Services Act. Ask to see the license, which should indicate a registered manager and disclose the ownership of the company.

2. Do they have insurance coverage?

Security guard companies should carry worker’s compensation, automobile liability and other standard coverage that any business should carry. Also, guarding service providers are usually required to hold liability insurances for losses due to death or bodily injury and losses related to property damage or destruction.

The amount may vary by state, but it’s often $500,000 or more per incident and may be higher if the company provides armed security officers.

3. How do they train and evaluate their security guards?

Security officers are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of training within the first six months of employment after passing a background check. In California, the initial round of training includes powers of arrest and terrorism awareness. After initial licensure, the security officers must complete eight hours of continuing education training each year and additional hours if they are certified for special activities such as the use of a baton or tear gas.

Managers should evaluate their security officers regularly through assessments, observations and feedback from clients and other officers. The officers should be evaluated on their work habits, relationships with people, application of training knowledge, safety and other factors.

The evaluation process should include a path for remedial training to meet acceptable performance standards. Security officer companies that train their staff beyond the minimum reflect a commitment to excellence.

4. What types of security guards do they offer?

There are two main types of officers: armed and unarmed . Armed officers may be off-duty or retired law enforcement or military personnel authorized to carry a weapon or officers who have completed the requisite training. Unarmed guards may also have specialized training in using tear gas or a baton to administer non-lethal force.

Other types of guards include:

  • Corporate security guards
  • Event security guards
  • Executive protection and bodyguards
  • Virtual security guards
  • Warehouse security guards

Inquire to find out what their offerings and capabilities are to ensure they will be able to meet your needs.

5. What is their approach to customer service and support?

Is their customer care team easily accessible? Will they have a dedicated support person handling your account and working with you one-on-one? Or will you be interacting with someone different each time you call?

How do they handle issues and complaints? Do they immediately connect you with a manager so you can air your grievance and work towards a solution? Ask them about typical timelines for resolution.

Finally, ask how you’ll be communicating with guards on site, as well as supervisors in cases of extraordinary circumstances. Look for a single point of contact you can call about service, billing and any other issues that may arise.

6. Do they have customization abilities?

Security systems and services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your business will require a customized approach to meet your unique requirements in order to integrate technology and security officers. For example, you may need unarmed guards that have extra training in safety and first aid, customer service or other skills to better fit your particular needs.

7. What is their pricing?

Price is always a consideration, but take the long view and think about total value. A high-quality experience will likely require a higher rate but will lead to better service and better performance.

The company should also be able to provide performance metrics on request.

8. Do they use proprietary systems?

Some security companies try to lock in your business with equipment that only they sell and service. It’s more challenging to add that equipment to your existing system or move to a new company if you decide against renewing the contract. Look for a provider that uses equipment with universal connectivity for maximum flexibility.

9. Will they periodically re-evaluate your security strategy?

Your security strategy should be reviewed periodically to make sure it’s optimal and still appropriate for your company. Perhaps your company has grown, adding space and employees. Or maybe the nature of the area around your location has changed, leading to higher risks for employees, customers and visitors. New technology could add new levels of security and communication that could help you centralize operations or be more efficient.

This question will help you determine how agile the company is.

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