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Security Surveillance System for Your Business

By Carlos Hazbun | Surveillance Systems | No Comments

Find the Right Security Surveillance System for Your Business

If you’re an owner of a commercial property, you know that protecting your business park or warehouse from theft, vandalism and other forms of unwanted crime is one of your top priorities. But what measures have you taken to do so? If you haven’t already committed to a security surveillance system yet or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current system, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at why investing in a surveillance system is the right move for you and your business and what you should consider when choosing one.

Why You Need a Security System

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Perhaps you have taken some necessary safety precautions for your business by hiring a security guard, putting up warning signs or installing motion detectors. Sure, having someone physically there every minute of the hour would be ideal, but it’s not practical. Plus, hiring a security company to work all hours of the night can be expensive and risky. Warning signs and motion sensors seem like a great idea to deter criminals, but as soon as they realize that there is no real threat behind that plastic sign, anything goes. So are those safety precautions really enough to protect your business and ward off criminals? If you really want to protect your business from criminals, a security surveillance system is going to do all of that and more.

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Theft and Vandalism Prevention

Whether it be an inside job or a criminal mastermind, your business is at risk of theft. Obviously, you can’t physically monitor your business 24/7, but a site surveillance system can. It allows you to remotely monitor your property around the clock, no matter where you’re at. With constant monitoring, you’ll be able to stop an attempted robbery before it even happens – even from home! These video surveillance cameras can act as a deterrent, making criminals think twice about even stepping foot on your property. Security surveillance systems provide a 360-degree view of your commercial property or construction site so that you can sound an alarm or alert the authorities immediately of any suspicious activity. And theft or vandalism do occur, then you’ll have proof of the perpetrator that you can hand over to the police.

In fact, cities all over the country have been doing just this for the past couple of years in order to prevent theft, vandalism, arson and other acts of neighborhood crimes. In the small city of Elk Grove, California, for example, the city installed security camera systems in parks all over town after an unusually high car burglary rate at local parks. The site surveillance cameras were able to read license plates and use facial recognition to scan faces in real-time and then send the footage directly to the police department. This technique could be extremely useful for small or large businesses to help detect trespassers sooner and avoid any theft or vandalism of the property.


In addition, if you suspect foul play from one of your employees, a security surveillance camera can be your second pair of eyes to keep track of day-to-day operations. If employees know they’re being watched, they are more likely to stay honest and hard-working. Surveillance cameras are also perfect for commercial property owners with on-going construction jobs. This helps to keep contractors accountable for their actions and keep records for liability purposes if an on-the-job accident should occur at your property site.

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Mobile Surveillance in Parking Lot

Find the Right Security System For You

There are tons of security surveillance systems to choose from, but it’s important to choose one that’s right for your business needs. ECAMSECURE’s surveillance systems are great for multiple types of commercial properties including construction sites, warehouses, auto dealerships, apartment buildings and shopping centers. Their surveillance systems aren’t just one size fits all, instead, they offer customized features to fit your individual business needs. Some security cameras are difficult to see in dark or hard to see areas, but ECAMSECURE offers thermal camera technology that can detect faces even in obscure parking lots. This can drastically help fight crime and catch any suspicious persons and other unusual activity in or around your building.

No matter what your security needs, ECAMSECURE has what you need. Click here to request a quote.

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