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Thermal Cameras & Other Ways to Keep Night Staff Safe

By Carlos Hazbun | Thermal Cameras | No Comments

Thermal Cameras and Other Ways to Make Late Night Staff Feel Safe

Because criminals can operate under the cover of darkness and are likely to come up against a smaller staff, the night shift can present danger for retail workers. As a retail business owner, your employees’ safety is a priority, but you also want to provide peace of mind for your late night staff. Here are several strategies and tools you can leverage to prepare for, prevent and protect against crime.

Assess Potential Risk

Identifying all potential risks for a given store location and developing protocols for what to do in the event of an emergency is a crucial step in making your staff feel safer while working late at night. Be sure that protocols encompass all possible situations, including criminal assault and robbery in addition to a natural disaster or other work mishaps, such as a gas leak.

When surveying your property, be sure to examine the perimeter for hiding spots, such as bushes or any especially shadowy areas. Identify all entrances and exits and determine which ones are more vulnerable than others. Once you’ve conducted a thorough scan of your property, brief your staff on emergency protocol, but don’t stop there. Make sure this information, as well as first-aid, is posted and easily locatable. Lastly, inspections should be carried out regularly and updated when necessary.

Install Thermal Cameras

You can get the most out of CCTV camera installation by using thermal imaging. Thermal security cameras serve as a great deterrent for crime, but they also provide clear video footage of your property no matter the time of day. By detecting heat signatures, these cameras allow you to monitor a larger area, spot activity from a greater distance, as well as easily determine whether an intruder is a human or an animal. While a regular security camera may only give you a vague outline, a thermal camera offers more certainty, meaning fewer false alarms.

Thermal Security Camera View

Implement a Video Monitoring Service

A video monitoring service, also known as a Virtual Guard, increases the effectiveness of CCTV camera installation by pairing it with trained personnel that respond instantly when an incident occurs. Whether a Virtual Security Officer is performing a routine check-in and notices suspicious activity or is responding to a distress call, they can communicate with your staff using the camera and two-way audio.

This security solution also serves to cut down on false alarms by providing video verification to law enforcement video. And because the footage is recorded and stored, you have solid, unequivocal evidence if you need it later. Employing an on-site security guard often costs more than remote surveillance, so a video monitoring service is great for business owners looking for effective security without spending more than they need to. Find out if a Virtual Security Officer service is right for your retail business.

Virtual Security Guards

Hire a Security Guard to Escort Employees to Their Vehicles

Walking to the car at night can be a tense moment. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 10 property crimes takes place in a parking lot. Hiring a security guard is yet another way to protect your employees and put their minds at ease. An on-site security guard can do a number of things to bolster security for your business — such as double checking locks after your staff has closed for the night — but perhaps most valuable to your employees is having another person present with them as they walk across the parking lot in the wee hours.

Security Guard Escorting an Employee

Keep your staff safe

You want to keep the doors to your business open longer to increase revenue and give your customers flexibility. While your staff working late or overnight may be smaller, there’s no need for them to feel unsafe.

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