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Time Lapse Construction Marketing

Time Lapse Video for Construction Marketing

By Carlos Hazbun | Time Lapse | No Comments

Time Lapse Video for Construction Marketing

Time Lapse Video: A Modern Vision of Construction

Construction is big business, with a trillion dollars in structures being built each year. In such a thriving industry, it’s important to market a construction project as effectively as possible. One new tool being used for construction marketing is time lapse video. Time lapse video is a relatively new technology breaking onto the security and surveillance market. Construction managers, foremen, realtors, and similar professionals are always tapping into modern technology to do their jobs, and using video monitoring, detection, and recording devices is a common strategy in the security field. Most of us associate this sort of technology with security and surveillance, but time lapse video is becoming a popular tool for another purpose: marketing a construction project.

Capabilities of Time Lapse Video

The capabilities of time lapse video technology have reached far beyond the simple “stop motion” time lapse videos of yesterday. These days, time lapse video is cutting-edge, and makes use of high-end technology to create great results:

High Definition, Full Color: the images provided by today’s time lapse video technology are in high definition color, meaning a crystal-clear picture with sharp edges and smooth playback. This means customers, clients, and employees peeking in on your project will get a beautiful full-color vision of what’s going on.

Image Overlays, Compare Dates: sophisticated time lapse applications can provide features like image overlays and image comparison, which allows you to compare progress at a work site across different dates. An interested party will be able to easily take an image of the job site on day one, and compare it with the exciting developments happening on day 100.

Manipulate Images: The time lapse video images and stream provided through modern time lapse technology can be readily manipulated and analyzed, with many time lapse programs offering zooming, panning, and other features within the time lapse app itself.

Time Stamps and Information Overlays: The time lapse video provided by modern time lapse technology can be overlaid with information such as time and date, or other information relevant to the construction site’s progress. In marketing a construction project, it’s important to provide the viewer with as much information as possible.

All of this is possible within easy to use online and mobile applications that can be accessed from any computer or device, anywhere on the planet.

Marketing your Construction Project With Time Lapse Video

There are a wide variety of ways that using time-lapse video can help you market your construction project, and many benefits to be had from that marketing strategy:

Market Your Services: Whether you are a small-time construction outfit or a big-time construction company, it’s important to have a constant marketing program for your business. It’s how your business gets new customers, and you grow. What better way to market your construction business than to give workers, clients, and community members a look into the inside world of your construction project? This will let your stakeholders see progress, marvel at efficiency, and anticipate completion. When stakeholders can see what’s going on, they’ll be talking about your work and your business.

Market Your Client: A happy client is the goal of any business owner, and time-lapse video offers the chance to not only market your construction service or business but the services and business of the client you’re working for, as well. Whether you’re building a high-end hotel or a new putt-putt golf course, your client will be happy for additional marketing provided through time lapse video. Building your client’s success will help build your success, as well.

Highlight the Community: A business can be no more successful than the community that it exists in, and successful marketing of your construction project can be a boon to the community, as well. Rather than seeing a tall fence in their neighborhood, they’ll see the inner workings of your new project. Instead of a big pile of dirt just sitting on their block, they’ll get to see progress made day-by-day from the comfort of their homes. A happy community will mean happy business.

Promotional and Charitable Sponsorship: Maybe your construction project involves promotional sponsorship, either by a corporate or charitable entity. In either case, it will be highly beneficial for your construction project marketing to overlap with any sponsorship presence at the job site. Whether it’s a big banner hanging at the back of the lot, or a brand name tool company displaying their logo on work equipment, your sponsors (and the other folks who may have helped you out along the way) won’t mind a little bit of extra publicity on their end.