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Smarter Security Systems for New Safety Protocols

By Carlos Hazbun | Video Surveillance | No Comments

Smarter Security Systems for New Safety Protocols

Reopening a school or business during the COVID-19 pandemic requires strict adherence to updated epidemiological best practices, especially mask-wearing and symptom monitoring in public places. That may sound easy enough, but in reality, it comes with a number of challenges.

An in-person checkpoint can be very resource-intensive, in part because it involves staffing that can prove cost prohibitive. Thankfully, technology like non-touch temperature screening is emerging to streamline many of the biggest reopening challenges we face.

Smarter security systems for new challenges

Some businesses can meet CDC-recommended guidelines by simply providing workers with PPE and installing barriers for protection, but some industries aren’t so lucky. In many cases, other considerations need to be addressed before workers and customers are protected. For example:

  • A property with multiple points of entry could require temperature monitoring checkpoints at each door. This can prove to be a logistical challenge, especially in schools and mid-sized businesses with numerous entrances. 
  • Not every business operates on a set schedule. Offices, gyms, and schools require  ongoing access controls, including after-hours
  • A long screening queue can create hassles and interfere with social distancing measures if not managed properly.

At the same time, many companies are experiencing staffing shortages due to cost cutting initiatives and COVID-related employee sick time, making these challenges even more difficult to face.

How technology can help keep people safe

Security technology allows staff members to take proper distance from symptom tracking by providing no-touch screening and remote access control.

Two of the biggest challenges business owners face is tracking potentially sick people and then keeping them off the premises. Researchers have found that mass contagion events commonly originate with people who didn’t show outward signs of illness. As if that wasn’t enough, a number of people have acted aggressively toward employees when told to adhere to the safety protocols, in some cases yelling, spitting, and damaging property.

Procedures like non-touch temperature screening can support security teams by safely monitoring all individuals for mask-wearing and body temperature from a remote location. When a possible elevated body temperature is detected, an alert is sent to secondary screeners for a secondary reading and symptom screening.

When paired with a remote turnstile, temperature monitoring systems can identify people with elevated readings and prevent them from accessing your property. This no-touch, no-staff option is especially valuable for facilities that need 24-hour coverage at checkpoints.

Virtual temperature screening systems from ECAMSECURE can expedite turnstile access by measuring skin surface temperature of multiple individuals simultaneously, streamlining the process and shortening wait time for people in line.

When someone approaches the turnstile with an elevated body temperature, an officer from our U.S.-based UL-listed central station can communicate with them in real time.

Remote protection with advanced monitoring

The economic conditions created by COVID-19 have also led to a spike in burglaries and crimes of opportunity. Meanwhile, decreases in staffing have left a lot of businesses vulnerable.

Thankfully, advanced remote monitoring systems and other security technology can help fill the gap, enabling businesses to better protect their property, employees, and customers.

Learn more about the powerful solutions ECAMSECURE can provide your business, like Virtual Temperature Screening and Virtual Guard services.