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Employee Surveillance Cameras

5 Reasons To Use a Surveillance Systems on Employees

By Carlos Hazbun | Video Surveillance | No Comments

Should I Use a Security Surveillance System to Check on Employees?

Video surveillance offers a way to secure commercial property and deter theft, but it’s also an effective way to check on employees in the workplace. Eighty-two percent of managers use some type of electronic monitoring in the workplace, and federal laws don’t prohibit the use of security surveillance systems to monitor employee behavior. The result? Implemented properly, employee monitoring can help reduce internal theft, improve business operations, boost productivity and potentially decrease harassment claims.

Reduce Internal Theft

Forty-eight percent of employers use commercial property security systems to help reduce theft in the workplace. Here’s how: Start by telling staff exactly what’s going to happen. Make them aware of existing security camera locations and make it clear that their actions will be monitored while they’re on their shift. The goal here isn’t to frighten or intimidate employees but clearly communicate that theft of any kind won’t be tolerated or overlooked. Next, make sure you have HD cameras placed in typical theft locations, such as near cash registers and in stock rooms.

If merchandise or cash goes missing, review footage to identify potential suspects. Implementing camera-based theft control offers two beneficial outcomes: Staff are less likely to commit even minor theft if there’s a risk of getting caught, and if you need to involve law enforcement cameras provide solid evidence of criminal activity.

Employee theft prevention through surveillance
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Improve Business Operations

Processes don’t always work as well in practice as they do on paper. For example, managers might ask staff to complete specific tasks during their shift but after reviewing camera footage discover that customer volumes during certain hours exceed predictions, prompting the need for more staff up-front than in the stockroom.

Surveillance systems also let managers see which areas of the store need the most attention — stockrooms quickly get messy when new shipments arrive, while sales and seasonal racks may become disorganized. Camera footage provides a birds-eye view of day-to-day issues and potential resolution.

Boost Total Productivity

Is employee productivity down? Commercial property security systems can help determine the cause. Review footage to determine if staff are arriving late, leaving early or taking longer breaks than permitted. The caveat here? This type of performance monitoring is often viewed as punitive, so offset the sting by rewarding employees who go above and beyond or are consistently early for their shifts. The ultimate goal here isn’t to punish under-performing employees but show appreciation for those working hard and replace low-productivity staff if they can’t meet expectations.

Increase office productivity

Leverage the Right Technology

Effective workplace monitoring depends on the right technology. This includes HD video cameras with the ability to digitally store footage, capture both snapshot and video clips and provide anyway, anytime access with mobile app integration. Other solutions include mobile surveillance units and thermal cameras for construction job sites to deter equipment theft, and motion-detection lights and cameras to capture potentially suspicious activity.

The right surveillance system combined with solid workplace policy creates an effective structure for reducing internal theft, improving operations, boosting productivity and handling harassment claims.

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Potentially Reduce Harassment Claims

Harassment remains a problem for many companies; when staff work together for long periods of time interpersonal relationships can boil over into claims of harassment or inappropriate behavior. On-site surveillance systems can help reduce the frequency of these issues since staff they’re always on camera. In addition, security tools can be used to confirm harassment claims or identify issues with reported incidents, in turn reducing the potential for litigation and reputation damage. It’s worth noting that cameras themselves can sometimes become the focus of harassment claims; as noted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), “employers should not use video surveillance in areas where employees have an expectation of privacy,” such as a change room, bathroom or locker room.

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