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Robot Security Guards

The Future of Security Guards

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security Officer | No Comments

The Future of Security

The turn of the century brought many changes- both good and bad- along with it. Arguably one of the best changes that we have had in the past 16 years has been the development of new and ever-changing technologies such as computers, software, alarm systems, etc. Since everything has been developing at such a rapid pace, we have no idea what will come next. Robots, flying cars, and self-lace up shoes are all in the running. When it comes to security, the possibilities are endless for new ways to keep intruders out. There are also ideas for futuristic security systems that are being developed as you read this blog, that will come out sooner than you think. So what exactly is in store for security systems 10 or 20 years from now? Let’s take a small peek into the future and find out.

Next Year:

If you thought that security is going to stay the same in the next few months, think again. There are new and exciting security developments being made right now, and they’re called virtual security officers. Virtual guards are probably going to be the next big thing in the security world. They’ll be cheaper than having a physical guard on site, but ten times more effective. They are basically video camera guards that act as audio alarms, guards, and even doormen when need be. Everything is recorded, and they can react instantaneously in emergency situations. I don’t think that anyone knew that robots would be in the near future for us, either. But, again I tell you to think twice. Knightscope has made the impossible possible. They have created 300-pound robots that can record and follow intruders to ensure the security of businesses. They’re only $7 an hour and, because mega-company, Uber, uses them, they’re probably going to blow up (but not literally, we hope).

In 5 Years:

As with all things, virtual security officers will fade out when the next big thing comes along. But what will the ‘next big thing’ be? I certainly can’t predict the future, but I have a few guesses. I think that things that fly are going to be all the rage in the upcoming years. Of course, we already have drones, but they’re big and bulky and somewhat difficult to fly. Plus, someone needs to control them the whole time that they’re in the air. But technology is developing so quickly that someone will definitely come up with a new drone that can fly itself soon enough. When this happens, it will change the face of security and security cameras forever. Several drones could fly over job sites and even private properties to ensure that nothing suspicious is happening. When they spot an intruder, silent alarms could be sent directly to local law enforcement officials, who will arrive on the scene to assess the situation. They’ll have cool, futuristic technologies such as voice command controls and self-replacing batteries. Who knows, maybe they’ll even make you food like a personal chef. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

drone security guards

In 10 Years:

A whole decade seems incomprehensibly far away. It’s hard to say what we will be doing or what crazy new inventions will pop up by then, but it doesn’t hurt to guess. If flying cars are around by 2026, as predicted, then maybe robots could be, too. But not the robots that Knightscope has created to record and chase down intruders. I’m talking real-life, nightmarish robots. Who better to guard a construction site than a robot security guard who looks like a terminator? It would certainly scare off intruders. Furthermore, a robot could do a better job than a human security guard. They could essentially have the same job as a security guard, but with less risk of the guard not paying attention, falling asleep, or taking breaks.  They could also have people monitoring them through their camera eyeballs, just in case some weird malfunction happened. They’d obviously have cool futuristic lasers and the ability to fly. Plus, they’re just cool to look at.


Robot Security Guards

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