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Protect Your Co-working Offices

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security Officer | No Comments

How Virtual Security Can Help Protect Your Co-working Offices

Co-working spaces are becoming one of today’s most popular office layout alternatives. In 2017, the number of workers who use co-working spaces stood at over 1 million globally, and the number of co-working spaces was growing at 22 percent annually. Co-working space is attractive because it lowers rental costs and promotes collaboration and networking. Unfortunately, co-working spaces are also more vulnerable to workplace theft, as well as other risks such as fires. This makes security a priority for companies utilizing working spaces. Here are four ways that virtual security technology can help keep your co-working space safe.

Install an Access Control System

One way to secure your co-working space is to install an access control system. An access control system uses a device such as a smart card to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to enter your co-working space. This also provides a permanent record of who was on your premises at any given time, which can assist in identifying suspects and retrieving stolen property. Today’s access control systems are IP-based, making them easier to install and less expensive than traditional systems. Workers and other authorized personnel can use your access control system with their smart card by using an e-reader. An access control system can include a network video door station with a camera and two-way audio so that a remote security team can see and communicate with visitors to your co-working space from any location.

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Have a Visitor Management Procedure

An access control system works best in conjunction with a well-defined visitor management protocol. A good visitor management protocol should include procedures for verifying visitor identity, validating that the person has a valid reason for being on your premises, and ensuring that they only have access to parts of your facility they are authorized to visit. This may involve issuing them a temporary card for use at your access control point. Depending on your security needs, you may also need a procedure to screen visitors for weapons or explosives. To be effective, your visitor management procedure should be codified in writing and incorporated into your training and operational procedures. The Society for Human Resource Management provides a visitor policy and procedures statement you can use as a template.

Consider Adopting an Entry Manager

To make managing your access control system easy, consider adopting an Entry Manager. Entry Manager software allows you to use simple drag and drop to add users to your security system and assign them access. This also makes it easy for you to remove access if needed after workers have been terminated or had a change in their duties and access privileges. Entry Manager devices are made of a special plenum-rated material that won’t catch fire and can safely be run through ventilation systems between drop ceilings or floor boards. Entry Manager supports Power over Ethernet devices, which avoids the costs of having to install power cables and supply dedicated power. An API enables easy integration with surveillance equipment.

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Security Camera Installation

Invest in Security Cameras

Another way to secure you co-working space is to invest in a video and alarm system. Installing a surveillance system can deter intruders from trying to access your premises by letting them know they’re being monitored. Cameras can also deter theft by co-workers, another major security risk. A video and alarm system can further assist theft investigations by helping you identify suspects.

Installing an access control system, implementing a visitor management procedure, adopting an entry manager and investing in security cameras are four fundamental steps you can take to secure your co-working offices. If you’re considering investing in virtual security equipment, it’s important to get input from experts who can help you select the right equipment for your needs and set it up properly. No matter what your security needs, ECAMSECURE has what you need. Click here to request a quote.

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