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Save Money by Switching to Technology

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security Officer | No Comments

Save Money by Switching to Technology for Security

It’s safe to say that every business has at least some level of security requirements and that every security requirement is different–depending on the client, business, or jobsite. Businesses increasingly have to make critical decisions about how to implement a security program. Whether they are large corporations or simple storefronts, businesses must decide between onsite security like guards and gates or a technology-based approach. It’s obvious that many businesses are asking this question, as the video surveillance industry is poised to reach $42 billion in revenue by 2019.

Here is the story of one company’s journey from security disaster to high-tech security solution:

Securing a Commercial Truck Repair Business

The story of the security issues faced by the folks at a commercial truck repair business in Colton, California is far too familiar to business owners and property managers across the country. Like many businesses, the company’s management probably thought it didn’t have major security needs. This was proven false, however, when copper thieves stripped wiring from a utility pole and severed internet access to the business. In the end, a crime that might not have even been directly targeting the truck repair business wound up causing major operational issues.

Stripping copper wire and halting internet service might seem like a minor inconvenience, but the copper theft delivered a devastating blow to the day-to-day operations. Among other issues caused by the loss of data service, the company was unable to process credit card transactions, which resulted in a loss of $20,000 in credit card charges per day.

After an unrelated move to a new location, the truck repair business was hit by more commonly experienced crime: break-ins, vandalism, and theft of tools and equipment. Not only were they suffering from these crimes, but their customers were suffering as well. This meant that their business was losing money—and that’s not a business strategy that anyone can get behind.

It was clear that something had to be done to prevent such criminal activity in the future, so the company’s management weighed its security options.

Physical Security: Is the Cost Just Too High?

An obvious first reaction to security breaches such as those faced is to hire security guards. Onsite security guards are a great way to deter and respond to possible issues and threats. They can stand watch, make patrols, and monitor electronic sensors. They offer an immediate response to alerts or dangers.

This was the first route taken by the truck repair company, and it might have been effective except for one major problem: the cost. The $8,000 a month in physical security costs was unsustainable for the business, and yet managers couldn’t just leave themselves open to further crime, vandalism, and loss of revenue.

At this juncture, the company researched smarter ways to secure their business and decided to go the high-tech route to save time, money, and create a more secure environment.

Introducing High-Tech Security

The truck repair company chose to work with a high-tech, professional security, and surveillance firm to create a more advanced, effective, and efficient security program. Technicians repurposed existing IP cameras at the business to link with the security firm for active remote monitoring. This immediately gave them 24-hour security instead of the 13 hours per work day they were getting with a paid security guard. In addition, they installed more high-tech security measures–audio speakers and siren-and-strobe lights—to further deter would-be criminals.

In combination with smart signage, the business was able to achieve a more complete and comprehensive security system that simultaneously covered multiple angles of the site for less money: saving $7,000 a month.

A Happy Ending

The truck repair company paid for 10 months of $8,000-a-day security patrols. While there’s nothing wrong with physical security, there is something wrong with blowing your company’s budget on just one element of property management. Switching to high-tech electronic monitoring of an in-place security system–and improving on that system as well–will save the business up to $84,000 in annual security costs. Looking at that math, the decision to switch to technology for security couldn’t be easier.

Do you want to see how much you can save by using security technology?

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