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Secure your property during COVID 19

Securing Your Property During a Pandemic

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security Officer | No Comments

Securing Your Property During A Pandemic

As widespread disruption from the coronavirus pandemic continues, restrictions on citizens are getting tighter every day. Thanks to stay-at-home orders, the streets are bare, and most businesses are closed — with no security while they’re vacant. 

Criminals will see this as an opportunity to take as much as they can from local businesses. If you’re a business owner, you need to protect your property and your assets.

Even if you have physical security officers watching your property, the pandemic will likely have an effect. Stay-at-home orders have resulted in constant scheduling changes, limited guard availability, and increased absenteeism, making it harder than ever to guarantee security.

Los Angeles empty and in need of security

It’s also irresponsible to put people in harm’s way. According to the CDC, the more people on the streets, the harder it’s going to be to limit the spread of the virus. Deploying security guards only increases the chances of spreading infection.

We all want to do our part in this unprecedented pandemic to help save lives and get the situation under control. So how can you protect your property during the COVID 19 pandemic without putting security officers in danger?

Virtual Security Services Can Help

With ECAMSECURE’s Virtual Security Officer service, your property is monitored remotely, so you don’t have to create unnecessary risk for in-person security staff.

Multiple areas can be monitored 24 hours a day, using the latest surveillance camera technology, highly trained professional security staff, and a U.S.-based monitoring center.

Staff are trained to take the appropriate action should a security event arise, contacting the appropriate people at your organization as well as local authorities.

Since virtual security officers aren’t located on your site and don’t go out in public, you can keep your property secure and follow the CDC social distancing guidelines, putting fewer people in harm’s way.

Benefits of securing your property with Virtual Security Officer include:

Increased Security Coverage

Proprietary surveillance cameras placed in strategic locations throughout your property are monitored round-the-clock by experienced security personnel. Each camera acts as another set of eyes watching your property.

Help Prevent The Spread of COVID 19

By limiting or eliminating physical security guards on your property, you’ll be doing your part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. We all want this pandemic to be under control as soon as possible, and this small step can make a difference in your community.

Save Money on Security

While it may not be your primary motivation, you will save money by switching from physical security officers to Virtual Security Officer services. In fact, you can save more than 45% on security costs while increasing overall security coverage for your property.

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