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Secure your property during COVID 19

Securing Your Property During a Pandemic

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security Officer | No Comments

Securing Your Property During A Pandemic

A little more than six weeks ago, much of the world ground to a halt. Half-completed construction projects were shuttered across the country. Laborers went home, heavy equipment sat unused in empty lots, and deadlines tumbled into the dustbin of history.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry, and construction is no exception. Rules and regulations vary from state to state when it comes to obtaining an essential business waiver in the construction industry. But regardless of where you operate, the industry has been impacted. Many job sites have been forced to close down temporarily, and companies that can still operate do so under strict new OSHA guidelines.

Los Angeles empty and in need of security

Of course, one industry hasn’t been halted by the pandemic — theft. In fact, financial uncertainty has raised the stakes for petty thieves, and vacant construction sites can look like a juicy haul when times are tough.

We assembled this construction site security checklist to help you protect equipment and material from thieves, no matter if your site is currently active or not.

Limit visibility into the site

Expensive construction equipment and materials are a big target when left highly visible. Many construction sites will install a perimeter fence to prevent criminals from walking away with valuables. When that fence doesn’t obscure the contents of the site, it’s little more than a hurdle for industrious thieves.

Privacy fencing that stands between ten and fourteen feet in height obscures the contents of a site to make casing difficult and generally cut down on temptation. For your most valuable tools, materials, and equipment, storage off off-site and under lock-and-key is most suitable whenever possible. When moving equipment offsite, be sure to log inventory to account for shrink and loss.

Limit the number of entry points

A fence is only as good as its many entry points. Fewer easy access points usually means less opportunity for thieves to break in. Gates for equipment and personnel should be well protected with hardware and software designed to fend off intruders. Installing IP-based access control systems can also help to ensure that only verified employees can gain access to valuable equipment.

Once fencing and entry points are established and secure, fortify your defenses with technological backups. Perimeter fencing should be supported by construction site security cameras to gather evidence in the case of a successful break-in. Just the mere presence of cameras on the perimeter can create a feeling of being observed that will frighten off many would-be thieves.

Double-check fencing regularly

Sadly, most fences don’t stay impervious to intruders for very long. Wind, weather, and sabotage lead to holes in privacy screens, weak points in chain link, and easy access points that can lead to costly losses at the hands of criminals.

Be sure to regularly inspect fencing to ensure the integrity of your defenses. You can also protect the job site between inspections by installing construction site security monitoring systems that use CCTV, remote video monitoring, and infrared technology to track interlopers when security guards are hard to come by. AI-powered security software can also be added to track vehicle traffic and license plates going to and from job sites.

Set up protocol for what to do if the site is broken into

Do you have a company protocol for when a job site or storage yard gets robbed?

Have answers in place for the questions you’ll ask first. Who should be contacted? Who is in charge of next steps? Preparation can save valuable time that is necessary for recovering valuables like tools, appliances, materials, and even vehicles after a theft.

The more well-formulated plans you put in place, and the more robust the data collection and surveillance systems you install before an incident, the more likely you are to reclaim valuables. Many experts predict we’re only at the beginning of an economic downturn that will only accelerate the likelihood of economic and potentially social unrest — get prepared now.

Install security cameras

Technology is your biggest asset during tough times. Nowhere is that more apparent than in home and professional security.

When someone trespasses on your property, live footage helps you catch thieves in action and promptly contact the authorities. Recorded footage can also be used to secure insurance reimbursement and support prosecution of thieves.

A security expert like ECAMSECURE has years of experience protecting construction sites, auto dealerships, electrical substations, and solar farms from criminals. We use advanced technology like infrared FLIR cameras, job site CCTV, and UAV surveillance, all matched up with expert security system design to protect valuables.

Our systems limit access to equipment and material and provide our clients with the data they need to reclaim losses when the unthinkable happens.


Having a person present on a job site for security only goes so far, even under the best of circumstances. During a global pandemic when staffing is more difficult and the threat of exposure to pathogens looms large, on-site human security can be more of a liability than an asset.

Your best bet? Combine all of these tips together to create a multifaceted strategy for protecting your construction site against theft. If you need a hand, we know just the experts to get you started.

Are you ready to secure your site during the pandemic?

Get in touch. Our security professionals are ready to answer all of your questions about securing your site.

Benefits of securing your property with Virtual Security Officer include:

Increased Security Coverage

Proprietary surveillance cameras placed in strategic locations throughout your property are monitored round-the-clock by experienced security personnel. Each camera acts as another set of eyes watching your property.

Help Prevent The Spread of COVID 19

By limiting or eliminating physical security guards on your property, you’ll be doing your part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. We all want this pandemic to be under control as soon as possible, and this small step can make a difference in your community.

Save Money on Security

Save Money on Security

While it may not be your primary motivation, you will save money by switching from physical security officers to Virtual Security Officer services. In fact, you can save more than 45% on security costs while increasing overall security coverage for your property.

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