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Security During Quarantine

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security Officer | No Comments

Security During Quarantine

During these tough times, it’s hard to think of anything but your family and your safety. If you are a business owner, you’re probably also worried about your business or your property. More states are asking citizens to stay home in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. What about the security guards watching your property?

The streets are bare, and everyone is at home making sure their families are safe, it’s easy to imagine criminals out there looking for a quick score having a field day. Throw in the stay-at-home order, and you have a virtual free for all for criminals. So how do you protect your property when you can’t have security guards?

Virtual Security Officer?

Virtual Security Officer is a service where a team of highly trained professional security staff monitors your property remotely 24 hours a day. The process begins by determining your security needs. To do that, our professional installation crew goes to your property and finds all of the vulnerabilities maps out plan, and places cameras in strategic locations. These cameras can activate sirens and strobe lights as well as talk down to the intruder, letting him know the police are on their way.

How Virtual Security Officer Works

The service is comprised of three parts. The latest in surveillance camera technology, highly trained senior security staff, and a US-based monitoring center. Specially trained security staff monitor all angles of your property remotely. If an event occurs, they follow a pre-determined plan of action, contacting the appropriate people and the authorities. When we reach out to law enforcement, and they know we have visual verification, they tend to give the call a higher priority.

Central Command Center

All of us have the responsibility to help stem the spread of the Corona Virus. Keeping people away from public spaces and each other is a big part of it. Using Virtual Security Officers allows your business to accomplish both of these goals and have a positive impact on the fight against COVID-19.

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