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How Virtual Command Centers Can Close Gaps In Security Staffing Schedules

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security | No Comments

How Virtual Command Centers Can Close Gaps In Security Staffing Schedules

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a perfect storm for companies that require on-site security. Complex, ever-changing compliance rules, staffing shortages, and a wave of tenant vacancies have put immense pressure on property managers to find solutions.

The first step in establishing effective security is closing gaps in security staffing schedules. Currently, the industry is facing a shortage of qualified security professionals thanks to a tight job market.

What is creating staffing shortages?

A number of factors are shrinking the pool of job seekers from which security companies can hire employees.

The most obvious is the pandemic itself, which has laid hundreds of thousands low with serious health conditions. Many workers are choosing to stay home and collect unemployment rather than putting themselves or at-risk family members in danger.

Even fully staffed teams face potential shortages when employees or contractors call in sick. What would normally be brushed off as a cold is now often non-negotiable sick leave for the duration of a two-week quarantine period.

To make matters worse, what is and is not permissible on the job site in terms of PPE and safety protocols can change on a weekly, sometimes even daily, basis.

Companies that are facing boom periods like grocery stores and ecommerce retailers are offering hiring bonuses and hazard pay to entice prospects. Building owners, who are often facing a decrease in revenue from lost tenants, are having a tough time competing with these incentives.

At the same time, criminal activity is up in some places, including both vandalism and commercial burglaries. We’ve seen an uptick in businesses looking to solve this problem through hiring physical security guards at any cost. Property owners need to find a solution for their shortage — and fast.

Overcoming shortages with technology

Technology can help fill this gap by expanding the territory a single security officer can cover.

Already a popular solution for budget-friendly security solutions in temporary settings, remote surveillance event monitoring offers an affordable way to cover security staffing shortages due to pandemic outbreaks.

Remote surveillance uses a suite of complete end-to-end technology solutions, including high-definition cameras with advanced customization and plug-and-play add-ons, to create a comprehensive security monitoring system.

With virtual monitoring from ECAMSECURE, these cameras are used to cover high-traffic areas, where feeds are monitored by trained security professionals at our UL-rated, U.S.-based command center.

Remote surveillance monitoring can be used to support existing security teams, and to cover off-hours shifts where staffing gaps can have the biggest impact on safety and loss prevention.


Staffing shortages created by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic uncertainty will likely be with us for some time.

Solutions that prove valuable for filling short-term gaps will also help create value long after things have returned to normal. For companies that see this unsure moment as an opportunity to innovate, there’s likely a lot to gain in the years to come.

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