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What is Virtual Security About

By Carlos Hazbun | Virtual Security | No Comments

The Rise of Virtual Security

Security surveillance systems work. For example, Chinese authorities recently demonstrated the efficacy of their CCTV system by tracking down a BBC reporter in just seven minutes after his picture was flagged by authorities. The same principal applies to commercial properties and construction sites: With the right technology in the right place, it’s possible to significantly reduce the volume of criminal activity. The caveat? Would-be thieves and vandals are getting wise to traditional security efforts and finding ways to bypass commercial property security. The solution? It’s time to consider virtual security.

What Is Virtual Security Exactly?

No, it’s not robots and autonomous drones (just yet) — virtual security solutions are a way to leverage the intelligence and adaptability of trained security staff without paying for full-time, on-site guards. They’re a way to augment existing security features and make them more effective at identifying potential risks and catching criminals in the act. Think of it like this: Visibility and surveillance are critical in crime prevention because they make it clear to criminals that their actions won’t go unnoticed. Surveillance falls into three categories: Natural, informal and formal. Natural surveillance focuses on improving line-of-sight around your business by adding new light fixtures, trimming large trees and limiting the number of “blind spots” where criminals can hide undetected, while informal surveillance relies on employee observation and the goodwill of neighboring residents to report suspicious activity. Formal surveillance focuses on the use of trained security staff, alarm systems and HD cameras. The problem? Paying for full-time security staff is expensive, while leveraging night-shift employees to boost security comes with corporate liability. Virtual security surveillance systems provide human coverage at a distance; trained staff able to observe and interact with security solutions as necessary to improve total protection.

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Key Features of Virtual Solutions

Your current security cameras are inherently limited. Even with real-time alerts of suspicious activity, owners and site managers still need to pull up live camera feeds, determine what’s going on and then decide if police intervention is warranted. Virtual guard solutions, meanwhile, employ trained staff to monitor your cameras in real-time and actively adapt to emerging threats.Let’s say an intruder attempts to access a secure door on your site. Virtual guards see the movement and ensure that cameras remain focused on the intruder. Using two-way audio they inform would-be criminals that police are on the way and make calls to both law enforcement and business owners informing them of the situation. Criminals are then faced with two options: Run away to potentially avoid capture or try to finish what they’ve started even as police are en route. In either case, virtual security officers can track their movement through the property, provide location updates, describe the criminal and act as witnesses in the event of an arrest.

Additional Security

Virtual systems can also be combined with other features to enhance commercial property security. For example, thermal cameras can help virtual security officers track down criminals who attempt to hide from police or evade capture, or identify vehicles which were recently running to ID getaway vehicles. Motion-detection lighting systems can also be used to enhance coverage, and construction sites often benefit from the use of mobile surveillance towers which can be easily moved to ensure maximum site coverage; both solar and diesel-powered options are available.

Video Verification of Alarms
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The Future of Protection

Current security surveillance systems offer solid protection, but can be circumvented by determined criminals. By combining traditional offering with virtual security officers, thermal cameras, mobile units and other value-added features, commercial properties can both deter criminal activity and increase the efficacy of law enforcement response.Ready to learn more about virtual security? Check out our new eBook The Complete Guide to Virtual Security [insert link] and discover the impact of cutting-edge surveillance technology.

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