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Construction sites can face a range of security challenges, including vandalism, accidents, and theft of equipment and materials. ECAMSECURE provides a variety of construction security solutions to suit your needs. Our Mobile Surveillance Units and command center monitoring ensure that your site is protected.

ECAMSECURE MSUs enable you to remotely view and monitor your projects from virtually anywhere. No matter what type of construction – apartment complexes, large commercial projects, or homebuilder sites – an ECAMSECURE construction security system will help safeguard your site against costly losses and incidents, and keep you apprised of activity on your site.

Remotely View Construction your Site


Viewing Your Jobsites Remotely

Remote viewing of a construction site offers many security advantages. With ECAMSECURE’s state-of-the-art technology, you’ll be able to view your construction live from any location or device with online connectivity. This means you can keep an eye on progress, monitor work, and provide a “pair of eyes” for security purposes both during and after work hours. No security element is more important than a watchful eye, and remote viewing of your jobsite will accomplish just this goal.

Securing Your Materials, Tools, and Equipment

The primary crime committed at construction zones is theft. Thieves are tempted into construction zones to steal tools, supplies, and valuable equipment. No matter the size of the construction site, it’s likely that all of these costly elements will be present day and night, as it’s difficult and inefficient to clear out and pack up a site each night. Thieves know that your equipment and tools will be on site, and working with ECAMSECURE can provide the surveillance and security you need to keep an eye on what’s valuable to you.

Deterring Potential Thieves and Intruders

One unique feature of construction sites is that they are not confined to buildings or structures that can be closed off or locked up for the night. Construction sites are often sprawling, and sometimes cordoned off with little more than a chain-link fence. By working with ECAMSECURE, it will be possible to monitor, detect, and respond to any intrusions onto your construction site.

Save Money by Preventing Liability Suits or Workers’ Compensation Claims

One of the most commonly occurring issues on construction sites are injuries to personnel. Construction sites are dangerous places,  and whether through simple accident or worker negligence, injuries and related issues can occur. When you have a complete surveillance system provided by ECAMSECURE, you’ll be able to have a clear picture of everything that happens at your jobsite, reducing workers compensation claims and the potential for you to be sued for something that wasn’t your fault or responsibility.

Construction Site Security


Mobile Surveillance Units

Mobile surveillance units can be the heart of a construction site security plan. Mobile surveillance units are portable security stations that can be positioned anywhere, deployed and redeployed rapidly, and are compact enough to be set up in such a way that they are unobtrusive to both clients and potential criminals. Conversely, they can also be set up as high-visible units that will act as a deterrent to criminal activity. MSUs are also ideal because construction sites are often without reliable or regular electricity service. ECAMSECURE can offer solar and generator-powered mobile surveillance units and smaller portable surveillance units that eliminate the need for a hardwired power source. These units can be used to monitor your jobsite via live video feed, create time lapse video of your jobsite progress and secure the site through monitoring.


Lighting is a key element in securing a construction site, and ECAMSECURE can make sure you’re set up to keep everything that matter to you visible and out in the open. Our MSUs can be equipped with a wide variety and range of lighting options. All of these can be controlled remotely, or even set to activate based on activity sensed by motion detectors, vibration detectors, or video cameras. Imagine being able to light area of your construction site with the push of a button. It’s just that easy when you work with ECAMSECURE.

Electronic Detection and Monitoring

In addition to utilizing mobile security units, ECAMSECURE will also work with you to install other forms of electronic detection systems. This includes HD cameras with IP connectivity, motion sensors, vibration detectors, time lapse photography, and more. ECAMSECURE is adept at working with the most state-of-the-art technology to secure what matters to you. With electronic detection systems in place, any intrusion will be detected. When this detection is paired with remote monitoring, you can rest assured that any issues on your construction site will be immediately addressed. There will be no waiting for police to respond to alarm, or for a security guard to show up on the site. With electronic detection and remote monitoring, your construction site will be monitored around the clock, and any intrusions can be assessed and quickly responded to by remote monitoring stations.

Alarms and Signage

ECAMSECURE also specializes in on-site alarms and deterrent signs. Alarms can be completely automated, or integrated with other systems to be activated remotely by remote monitors. Audible alarms act as an important deterrent for intruders your property, as it usually only takes a blaring alarm to run most would-be thieves off. ECAMSECURE can also equip your facility with signage that will alert would-be trespassers to the presence of alarms, electronic detection, and monitoring services. Pairing electronic detection measures like security cameras with alarm systems that can be monitored 24-hour a day can create comprehensive security on your job site.


The security needs of every construction site will be different, and that should be reflected in the security service provided to you. ECAMSECURE will work with you to tailor a security plan that will work for you and your site, every time. If you don’t see a solution to your problem listed above, contact us to have a conversation about what will work for you and your needs. ECAMSECURE has the technology and know-how to secure any construction site.

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