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Welcome to our Anaheim, CA Office

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Located just outside of Los Angeles, Anaheim is where you’ll find the Disneyland Resort, a sprawling complex of wholesome, family-friendly Disney-themed restaurants, shops, hotels, and amusement park rides. Aside from this, you’ll also find the Anaheim Ducks’ home ice in the Honda Center, as well as the home field of the Los Angeles Angels’ baseball team at the Angel Stadium. As the home town of more than 350,000 citizens, Anaheim is no stranger to crime and theft.

Fortunately, our goal, here at ECAMSECURE, is to ensure that the city of Anaheim, including all of its citizens and local businesses, is kept safe at all times.
We understand that no person, nor any business, is immune to the threat of crime. And this is exactly why we offer a range of permanent and temporary security solutions from our Anaheim headquarters, located at 1150 North Hawk Circle.


Not only do we offer extremely effective solutions to help you fight crime, theft, and vandalism, but we also offer affordable and economic solutions, such as Virtual Security Officers and Mobile Surveillance UnitsTogether, these two powerful crime deterrents are able to do just about anything that an actual security guard or law enforcement officer can, and then some. Plus, when you compare the cost of these two solutions against hiring a traditional security guard, you’ll quickly see how much more affordable our solutions really are. 

In order to serve Anaheim and the surrounding areas with the best security solutions currently available, ECAMSECURE is proud to offer a vast array of cutting-edge security solutions, such as drone surveillance and radar monitoring, which are capable of keeping on eye on your site from up 1,600 feet away.  

On top of this, you can even opt to have your business property watched in real-time by our exclusive UL listed remote monitoring service. So in other words, even when there’s nobody on-site, your property is still going to be protected and kept free from unauthorized persons. 

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You can trust ECAMSECURE

Since 2000, ECAMSECURE has been one of the country’s leading innovators in high-tech security and surveillance solutions. We’ve worked with thousands of clients to provide them with the safest, most reliable security solutions available today.

Furthermore, we also understand that crime is constantly evolving and is always looking for new ways to attack vulnerable businesses. So in order to thwart this, and to stop crime dead in its tracks, the products and services offered by ECAMSECURE are also constantly changing and being updated.

This allows us to provide our customers with the latest and greatest in surveillance technology.

From HD cameras and integrated surveillance systems, through to our Mobile Surveillance Units and Virtual Security Officers, ECAMSECURE is guaranteed to have a security solution that’s right for you.

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If you’re looking for one of the best, most affordable security solutions to help keep you, your business, and your city safe, contact us today and request a quote to see just what ECAMSECURE can truly offer you.