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Welcome to our office in City of Industry CA

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Back in the year 1841, Nicolasa and William Workman received a land grant from the governor of Alta California in order to establish Rancho La Puente. Over time, this ranch slowly grew to a staggering 49,000 acres, and eventually, the Workman family established themselves as very successful cattle ranchers in the region. 

This just goes to illustrate the City of Industry’s humble beginnings. Today, Workman’s property is home to the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum, which essentially makes up the city’s current land boundaries. 

The City of Industry, located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley in California, is home to more than 3,000 businesses and hosts an estimated 67,000 jobs, despite only having a registered population of a few hundred residents. 

As one of the main economic hubs of the regions, the City of Industry is booming, which sees thousands upon thousands of workers come and go almost every single day. 

But unfortunately, while such a booming area is great for the local economy, it also means that you’re bound to find crime and theft in the midst of the city’s chaos. 

Fortunately, ECAMSECURE is proud to have one of our main offices located in the heart of the region, located at 20325 East Walnut Drive N. From here, we provide the City of Industry with the most innovative security and surveillance technologies currently available today.

Since 2000, ECAMSECURE has been one of the country’s leading names in security innovation. In other words, we have two whole decades of experience protecting our nation from crime and theft.  

ECAMSECURE offers a range of extremely effective crime-fighting products and services. 

Virtual Security Officer

Our Virtual Security Guards represent one of the most innovative surveillance solutions available in the industry. Available at only a fraction of the price of hiring an actual on-site security guard, a Virtual Security Guard can do pretty much anything a real security guard can and then some. 

Essentially, a VSG is a remotely monitored security system, which features a two-way communication device, allowing you to have eyes and ears on your property, without having anyone present on-site. 

Then, if something were to go wrong and an intruder was spotted on your property, the VSG is able to instantly notify law enforcement of their presence, providing them with a real-time video feed of the criminal. In turn, a VSG helps to improve the effectiveness of the emergency response, while also reducing the risk of false alarms. 

Additionally, ECAMSECURE is proud to offer a range of extremely effective security solutions, such as motion detection and infrared cameras, license plate recognition, drone surveillance, and even radar surveillance, which is capable of detecting on-site motion from up to 1,600 feet away. 

Radar Security

Do you have a property you need to protect?

If you’re interested in learning more about our products or services and how ECAMSECURE can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free security quote.