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Welcome to our Office in Fontana CA

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Located in San Bernardino County, California, Fontana was founded by Azariel Blanchard Miller just over one hundred years ago in 1913. The region remained mostly rural until the mid-1940s when an entrepreneur by the name of Henry J. Kaiser built a massive steel mill at the center of the region.

Today, Fontana is known as the regional hub of the trucking and transportation industry because of the fact that it’s transected by Interstate 10, State Route 210, and Interstate 15. Of course, this is great for the city’s local economy, but at the same time, it also makes the region a prime target for criminals wanting to target truckers and cargo businesses. Fontana is also home to roughly 213,000 residents, which makes it the 2nd most populated city in the county, as well as the 19th largest in the state of California. But unfortunately, wherever you find hundreds of thousands of people, you’re also likely going to find a few bad apples; criminals, and fraudsters looking to take advantage of any unsuspecting businesses and homeowners in the region.

That’s why ECAMSECURE has a main office, located at 15415 Slover Avenue, in the heart of Fontana, to help protect local businesses and residents alike.

Security services offered from our Tempe office include:

Virtual Security Officers

ECAMSECURE is proud to offer a lineup of the world’s most modern and innovative crime-fighting tools, such as our Virtual Security Officers, which are just as, if not more, effective than a real on-site security guard. 

Our Virtual Security Officers are essentially an integrated surveillance system with built-in two-way communication, monitored by highly trained security professionals at our UL listed central command center. With this, in the event that something does go wrong on-site, we’ll be able to provide law enforcement with a live video feed of your property. 

This helps maximize the effectiveness of the emergency response teams, as well as helping to reduce the risk of false alarms.

Secure your property during COVID 19

ECAMSECURE also offers a wide range of alternative security solutions such as mobile surveillance units with the latest security camera technology like HD security cameras, thermal imaging cameras, license plate recognition software, or, time-lapse video recording, video archiving and analytics, as well as radar surveillance capable of detecting intruders on your property from up to 1,600 feet away.

Since 2000, ECAMSECURE is proud to be one of the leading names in security and surveillance technology. This is because we truly understand the importance of personal and corporate security.

In fact, we know that we live in a world where crime is constantly changing and always on the lookout for new ways to attack unsuspecting individuals. That’s why we offer only the most effective crime-fighting solutions that are guaranteed to keep you safe.

Law Enforcement Surveillance

Are you looking to secure your property in the Fontana area?

We know that your property is one of your business’ most valuable assets. So make sure that it’s protected in the best way possible.
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