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Welcome to our Fresno Office on Tuolumne St

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As the largest city in the Central Valley region, Fresno is a surprisingly lively place for its residents and tourists alike. Within the city’s boundaries, you’ll find a total of 7 stadiums and 2 arenas, which is more than enough to keep even the most fervent sports fans entertained. And once a year, you’ll also find the Woodward Shakespeare Festival hosted in the gorgeous, lush gardens of the city’s Woodward Park.

Fresno is known as one of California’s most prominent agricultural regions, as well as being home to the breathtaking, 62-mile long Blossom Trail lined with nut and fruit trees.
And on top of all this, Fresno is also home to the Forestiere Underground Gardens, which were dug by hand by Italian immigrants more than a century ago who went underground to escape the hot, San Joaquin Valley sun. As you can imagine, Fresno offers plenty to do and see, which draws in hundreds of thousands of tourists every single year. But unfortunately, where there are tourists, there will always be criminals and fraudsters looking to take advantage of them, which is exactly what we’re here to prevent from happening in the first place.

ECAMSECURE is proud to have one of our main offices, located at 2111 Tuolumne Street, to protect the city and its many businesses that work tirelessly to serve both its local residents and its tourists alike.

For this, we offer nothing but the best in high-tech, modern security solutions to guarantee the safety and security of our customers. So whether you’re a small business owner, a job site manager, or the head of a large corporation, you can be assured that ECAMSECURE is always here for you.

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Our Security & Surveillance Services in Fresno

ECAMSECURE offers a wide range of highly effective security solutions to help protect your property including:

  • HD Surveillance Cameras
  • Time-Lapse Video Creation and Archiving
  • Virtual Temperature Screening & Alerts
  • Security Systems Design
  • Radar Guided Security Gameras for large areas
  • Thermal Security Cameras

As well as having the most diverse range of mobile surveillance systems to help protect any property, anywhere.

Central Monitoring Center

Since 2000, we’ve been one of the nation’s leading names in security and surveillance technology, and that’s something that we plan to keep that way for all the years to come. So when you hire ECAMSECURE, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your business and its valuable assets are being watched and kept safe at all times.

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