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Welcome to our Menlo Park Office

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Located on the eastern edge of San Mateo County in California, Menlo Park is one of the most notable cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. On both of its Northern and Eastern edges, Menlo Park is bordered by San Francisco Bay. To the south, you’ll find East Palo Alto, Palo Alto, and the city of Stanford. And to the western edges, you’ll find Redwood City, North Fair Oaks, and Atherton. But that’s not what’s notable about this Southern California city. 

What makes this city stand out from the rest is that it’s considered to be one of the most educated cities in California, as well as in the entire country. In fact, approximately 70% of its residents over 25 years of age have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Aside from that, Menlo Park is also home to Facebook’s corporate headquarters and is the very same place where Google, the world’s most influential tech company, was founded. 

And with all this, you can be sure that Menlo Park is going to be a prime region for criminals and fraudsters to target. After all, anywhere that you can find highly educated citizens and world-leading tech companies, you’re sure to find crime as well. 

Our office in Menlo Park

ECAMSECURE is proud to have one of our main offices in the heart of Menlo Park, located at 1320-B Willow Road. From this location, we do everything in our power to provide Menlo Park and its surrounding areas with best-in-class security and surveillance technology. This allows us to prevent crime, far before it ever makes its way into our city. 

To do this, we provide our customers with the cutting-edge of security and surveillance innovation; from fully-customizable security systems and video analytics to remote monitoring and radar surveillance systems capable of keeping an eye on your property from over a quarter-mile away.  

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Since 2000, ECAMSECURE has been one of the nation’s leading names in security and surveillance innovation. 

That’s because we understand that crime is constantly evolving and that we need to stay up to date on the latest trends in security technology to provide our customers with the absolute best technology that the industry has to offer. 

We provide a wide range of security products and services on both a temporary and a permanent basis, such as our Mobile Surveillance Units, which are completely customizable with HD cameras and thermal imaging, motion detection, and license plate recognition, as well as being available in both diesel-powered or eco-friendly, solar-powered models. 

Or, if you’re looking for the absolute best, most innovative security solution we have available, we ask you to take a look at our Virtual Security Officers, which are wholly capable of patrolling and monitoring your property, without requiring any security personnel to be present on-site. 

Virtual Security Officers offer you the absolute safest, most reliable, and cost-effective solution for keeping you and your business safe at all times, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring an on-site security guard. 

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Here at ECAMSECURE, we know that your business and its location are some of your most valuable assets. So don’t leave yourself unsecured and vulnerable to crime and theft. 

Contact ECAMSECURE today for a totally free quote on the best security solutions available today. 

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