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Welcome to our Morgan Hill CA Office

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At the southernmost tip of the world-famous Silicon Valley, Morgan Hill is a gorgeous city found in the breathtaking Santa Clara County, California. On top of being a residential community for those who work in Silicon Valley, Morgan Hill is also the homestead of several noteworthy high-tech companies, such as Flextronics and Velodyne. 

Due to its countless Michelin-star chefs, wineries, luxury hospitality, and nature parks, Morgan Hill is one of California’s leading dining, entertainment, and recreational hubs, which also hosts the Tour of California cycling race once per year. 

Furthermore, Morgan Hill has been named one of the United States’ most expensive places to live by Forbes magazine, as well as being ranked by Business Insider as the 17th most expensive housing market in the U.S. This namely due to its high concentration of high-net-worth individuals. 

But unfortunately, with an abundance of tech companies and residents with high-net-worths, you can be sure that Morgan Hill is going to be on the map of every gutsy criminal and fraudster looking for a worthy target. 

ECAMSECURE is proud to have one of our head offices located in Morgan Hill, at 18419 Technology Drive. 

On top of being poised in one of the most targeted cities in California, this central location allows us to serve the entire Morgan Hill region with some of the best, most innovative security solutions currently available on the market. 

Why should you trust ECAMSECURE as your security specialist?

Before we tell you, it’s important to know that ECAMSECURE isn’t just another security company looking to install your next security system. 

In fact, we’re far much more than just that; and since 2000, we’ve been one of the nation’s leading security and surveillance firms, providing our customers with nothing but the best-in-class safety and security money can buy.

For this, we offer a wide range of temporary and permanent security solutions, such as fully customizable security systems, which can be completed with any number of optional features, such as motion detection cameras, thermal imaging, license plate recognition, and more. 

Security & surveillance solutions for any property

No matter what type of security you’re looking for, we’re guaranteed to have the best, most effective solutions for you. 

Like our lineup of extremely powerful crime deterrents, known as Mobile Surveillance Units, which can be set up virtually anywhere and are ideal for event-based security. Or, for a more permanent security solution, we’re also proud to offer the protection of our Virtual Security Officers, which are capable of monitoring your property at all times, even when there’s nobody present on-site. 

Surveillance Product Showcase

Do you have a property in Morgan Hill that needs security?

Give us a call. Our security professionals are ready to answer all of your questions about securing your property.