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Welcome to our Office in Oakland CA

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Found on the eastern side of the San Fransisco Bay, Oakland is one of California’s larger cities with a population of approximately 429,000 local residents. It’s also where you’ll find Jack London Square, which is the home of one of the world’s only statues of the world-renown writer who often frequented the area to write. 

Oakland’s Uptown area is where you’ll find the art deco Paramount and Fox theaters, as well as dozens of other high-end restaurants, bars, and art galleries. Nearby, in Old Oakland, you’ll find plenty of antiquated Victorian architectures, as well as plenty of quaint shops and boutiques. 

Or, you can head into Oakland’s Chinatown area, where you’ll find the Oakland Museum of California, which is a rich resource filled with plenty of the state’s natural history and art. No matter where you look in the city, you’re sure to find beautiful, wholesome activities for the whole family. 

But any place where you can find nearly half a million people in the same city, you’re also going to find a few criminals looking to cash in on unsuspecting business owners and local residents. 

ECAMSECURE is now in Oakland

ECAMSECURE is proud to have one of our head offices located at 725 85th Avenue, to help protect all of Oakland’s local residents and corporate citizens from any crooks, criminals, or fraudsters that have enough gall to try and take advantage of them. For two whole decades, ECAMSECURE has been one of the nation’s leading names in security and surveillance innovation, and that’s something that we intend to keep that way for all of the years to come. 

For this, we’re constantly keeping ourselves, our products, and our services at the forefront of the security industry. This is because we truly understand that crime is an ever-changing creature that never lets up on its grasp on the world. 

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