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Welcome to our Office in Red Bluff CA

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Originally named Leodocia, and then Covertsburn, Red Bluff got its current name back in the year 1854. You can find this quaint, charming little city located on the upper banks of the Sacramento River, roughly 131 miles north of the city of Sacramento itself. 

Because of its optimal location on the Sacramento River, Red Bluff flourished throughout the mid to late 19th century, when miners during the gold rush used it as a landing point to access the Trinity County goldfields. And eventually, the city was used as a temporary terminus for the northward expansion of the Southern Pacific Railroad. 

Today, you’ll find this relatively small-sized city seated at the heart of Tehama County, California with a population of just under 15,000 residents. 

But just because Red Bluff is a smaller city, that doesn’t mean it’s a stranger to crime, theft, or vandalism. And that’s exactly why ECAMSECURE is proud to have one of our main offices located in the center of this charming city at 22817 Antelope Blvd. 

Security Services Offered

From our location, we provide Red Bluff and its surrounding areas with the absolute best and most innovative crime-fighting tools currently available on the market. 

This includes a wide range of highly-effective crime deterrents such as CCTV and IP security cameras, motion detection security systems complete with night vision and license plate recognition software, as well as radar surveillance, which can keep your property safe from more than a quarter-mile away. 

On top of that, ECAMSECURE offers a high-tech range of Mobile Surveillance Units, which can be set up virtually anywhere and networked together to provide you with one of the most effective crime-fighting tools currently available. 

Additionally, we’ve also recently added Virtual Security Officers to our lineup of security and surveillance solutions.

What Is A Virtual Security Officer?

Designed to be the most effective security solution we have available, Virtual Security Officers are state-of-the-art surveillance technology combined with the presence of a real, physical security guard. 

Essentially, a VSO is a high-tech security system, complete with video and two-way audio capabilities, which is monitored in real-time by our team of highly-skilled security personnel. 

This security solution is ideal for businesses that have employees working alone at night or in remote areas, providing them with the safety and security they need. A Virtual Security Guard is capable of checking in on your employees at pre-determined times, as well as being available at the touch of a button in case they require immediate assistance.

Additionally, we’ve also recently added Virtual Security Officers to our lineup of security and surveillance solutions.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Because we’re not just another security company, looking to sell you a fancy security camera. 

In fact, ECAMSECURE is a leader, an innovator, and one of the nation’s most recognized experts in safety and security. 

For nearly 20 years, ECAMSECURE has been one of the most reputable security and surveillance companies in the United States. And over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, providing them with the absolute best security solutions available on the market. 

So don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep you, your company, and your most valuable assets safe at all times.

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