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Web-Based Access Control Solutions To Improve Security Management

Access Control Systems regulate the movement of people into and within your building to help protect your employees, property and company information. You avoid problems and have the ability to view where people are on your premises at any given moment. This cost-effective means of preventing unauthorized entry also provides a permanent record of anyone on your premises without inconveniencing your employees or disrupting your business.

IP Access Control


IP based access control systems has been around for a little over a decade and have become the best choice for access control systems for several reasons.

Lower costs

Using an IP based access control system you can use your existing network infrastructure eliminating the need to run costly additional network cable and can be used with your existing wireless network.

Visitor Management

For hospitals, high rise buildings, utilities or large companies, it’s important to control who goes where and keep track of entry to sensitive areas.  Easily give access to secure locations to authorized personnel  and track their movement.

Network Video Door Station


Network video door stations allow you to verify who is requesting access to any location regardless if you are there or not. Using the HD video camera you can use remote software or even a mobile app to clearly see who is at the door. The two-way audio allows you to communicate instructions or simply ask for identification before allowing access.

Remote Access Control

Give authorized personnel access to your site anytime anywhere regardless of where you are. Our network video door station systems come with optional 1 bto 5 megapixel cameras making it easy for you to identify personnel.

E Reader Access Control


E Reader is a touch-free reader with keypad. The reader is intended for both indoor and outdoor use and it supports most smart card formats.

The E Reader has a timeless ergonomic design with illuminated keypad. The reader has clearly visible symbols and sounder for feedback to the user.

Access Control Entry Manager


Entry Manager was designed with the end user in mind. With its built in access control software Entry Manager allows you to add and assign access using simple drag and drop operation from any computer.

PoE Support

Entry Manager supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices reducing installation costs by not having to run additional power cable and not needing to provide dedicated power.

Plenum Rated

Plenum rated devices  have a special material that wont contribute to the spreading of flames and can be used between drop ceilings or floor boards where ventilation systems usually reside.

Open API

Entry Manager provides an API that makes it easy to integrate intrusion detection, video and other security systems.

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