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As the construction industry continues to expand, developers are commonly finding themselves building in more remote locations. When this happens, obtaining reliable power for construction site security can become a problem. Fortunately, cutting-edge technology has fueled innovative products that offer security solutions, mobile surveillance units.  Whether the construction site is local or in extreme or remote locations with limited access to power, portable security systems, ECAMSECURE ® offers a variety of Mobile Surveillance Units (or MSU) to fit your jobsite needs.

Reduce Cost of Construction Site Security

Mobile surveillance units can save builders money in a variety of ways. ECAMSECURE’s signature product, the Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU), reduces the overall cost of construction site security while increasing efficiency. Its mere presence is a crime deterrent as it maintains wireless visual and audio contact with a property owner or builder 24/7.

The MSU is a powerful and extremely useful component of our security arsenal. Used as both a temporary and permanent installation in many situations, our MSU provides a reliable, scalable and affordable security solution.

Monitoring Options

Mobile Surveillance units can record locally or remotely via our central station and can be augmented with motion detection cameras, License plate recognition, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras and a myriad of useful options and combinations. In addition, ECAMSECURE ® systems can be configured to activate on alarm and send video to our Alarm Operators in ECAMSECURE’s UL Listed, Alarm Central Station, who will dispatch a security officer to verify an alarm. Its mere presence is a crime deterrent as it maintains wireless visual and audio contact with a property owner or builder 24 hours a day.

ECAMSECURE ® has now made available a solar-powered version of the MSU as a “green” security solution where power sources are limited or as an alternative to costly and environmentally unfriendly gas generators.

Furthermore, as builders and consumers become more conscious of all the far-reaching effects of power consumption, environmentally friendly security solutions are increasing in popularity. Not only are solar-powered devices less harmful to the environment, but they also reduce costs and fuel consumption.

Go Green and Reduce Cost

Over time, this solar-powered MSU literally pays for itself through energy and equipment cost savings. Highlighted by its 360-degree, rotating solar panel and night vision cameras, this self-contained surveillance powerhouse can be located virtually anywhere for maximum flexibility. With quick and easy set-up, it is ready to connect and protect any property or construction site without any of the limitations of a typical surveillance system. Plus, it is built tough enough to go to any type of remote location.

The ECAMSECURE ® MSU features an exclusive power management system that constantly monitors the condition of the equipment and transmits signals back to the central station. An extended battery backup powers the system for up to 4 days in the event of an outage.

ECAMSECURE continues to expand and further establish itself as an authority in surveillance and security services. Always on the cutting edge of technology, ECAMSECURE ® has developed industry leading innovations, eco-friendly “greener” solutions and quality services backed by their dedicated team of employees.

Mobile Surveillance Unit Mini (MSU Mini)


Our Portable Camera System is a complete end-to-end security system housed in a small package.
Using an advanced technological surveillance unit plus real-time remote monitoring service via a UL Listed Alarm Central Station, this sophisticated system is designed to help thousands of small/mid-sized businesses, corporations, educational institutions and government divisions secure their properties against theft, vandalism and trespassing.

The benefits of using an MSU Mini include:

  • Portability
  • Economical
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Easily Customizable
  • Compact Size
  • Visual Theft Deterrent


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Standard Solar Mobile Surveillance Unit


ECAMSECURE has gone wireless! The MSU Standard offers more flexibility and mobility than the MSU Pro at a lower price point.

The MSU Standard provides the same benefits and features as the MSU Pro, with the addition of Solar Panels for a complete wireless surveillance solution.

This unit touts identical characteristics as the MSU with Crystalline PV Array Solar Modules, Deep Cycle Batteries, alarm notification for equipment low voltage and intrusion. The unit can be used alone or can be used to keep track of large job sites via numerous WSUs wirelessly connected to one MSU to centralize video streams. This allows a client to save money and monitor massive, far-off job sites at the same time in one centralized location.

An economical solution for securing small sites

When two cameras are all you need, the MSU standard is perfect for covering smaller areas that don’t require multiple cameras.

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Mobile Surveillance Unit Pro


Mobile surveillance units (MSU) are a budget conscious way of maintaining audio and visual contact with your facility or site, 24 hours a day.This unit has all the same features, and brighter lights than it’s solar cousin, providing you have a power source to hard-wire or plug into.

Some of the different options we offer include:

  • Motion detection cameras
  • Remote video management
  • Two-way audio & sirens
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom for 360 degree views
  • License plate recognition
  • Strobe light

The MSU Pro is perfect for sites that have power available and want to keep their cost down. The brighter lighting that this unit provides helps as both a visual deterrent and extra lighting on site during evening hours.

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After we install these mobile surveillance units to your site, the unit can record locally or remotely through our central station at ECAMSECURE. Our mobile surveillance units are fully customizable depending on your needs.

Some of the different options we offer include:

  • Motion detection cameras
  • Remote video management
  • Two-way audio
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) color cameras
  • License plate recognition
  • Strobe light

Additionally, we can configure your mobile surveillance unit to send pictures to our headquarters once an alarm is set off. From there, our team would send out a security officer to verify the alarm right away.

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Hybrid Solar Powered Mobile Surveillance Unit


Our newest solar solution, the MSU HYBRID, provides a flexible and energy efficient surveillance solution.

The MSU Hybrid offers complete flexibility for temporary remote video surveillance with energy efficient LED outdoor lighting. The unit is powered with solar panels for clean operation with an environmentally friendly diesel generator to recharge the batteries during cloudy or rainy days.

Since this unit is equipped with powerful bright white LED lighting, it can also be used as a Portable Light Tower.

The benefits of using a MSU HYBRID are:

  • Requires no external power source
  • Perfect for remote sites
  • Solar powered with a diesel backup
  • Fully customizable

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MSU Video

We put together a small video showcasing our MSU’s.  Watch and learn how a mobile surveillance unit can help protect your property no matter how remote. All of our units are available for purchase or lease.

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