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For sites where lighting is minimal outdoor thermal security cameras are ideal, because thermal cameras don’t require lighting. Thermal cameras could be a great addition to your daytime security cameras surveillance system. HD and daytime security cameras are able to capture images well during the day but the quality of the images at night, without the appropriate lighting, is diminished.

Whether it be darkness or sun glare; smoke, dust, and smog; Thermal cameras see clearly through them all.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging makes it possible to see threats otherwise invisible to the naked eye and can complement and complete any CCTV security system. Thermal cameras are the best option for monitoring difficult outdoor areas – further enhancing the capabilities of a camera system.

Outdoor Thermal Security Cameras give you:

  • Clear video in daylight, darkness, and bad weather
  • Video that isn’t affected by shadows and backlight
  • The power to tell the difference between humans, animals, and vehicles

Using an outdoor thermal security camera you can detect threats in a unique way using heat signatures. Where the naked eye or standard cameras see nothing thermal cameras can sense an intruders heat signature giving you the advantage to detect and track without the intruders knowledge.

Thermal Security Camera Image


Perimeter surveillance is a challenge for standard security cameras because of the lighting required and the vast amount of area to be monitored. Using thermal imaging along with video analytics makes it possible to cover a large perimeter easily. Thermal imaging cameras can see through bushes, grass, shrubs, and trees. If an intruder tries hiding behind bushes a thermal security camera will see and alert our monitoring station.

Benefits of using thermal cameras for perimeter surveillance

  • Thermal images provide greater scene detail and improve threat detection.
  • No lighting required and can detect intruders no matter where they hide.
  • Unlike traditional security cameras, weather conditions have little to no effect.
Outdoor Thermal Camera Image


Standard security cameras, at times, will give false positives when used at night due to weather, car headlights ,animals and a variety of things that can interfere with the image.

Thermal imaging gives more reliable feedback with fewer nuisance alarms.

Advantages of using thermal analytics include:

  • Fewer false positives
  • Long range perimeter detection
  • no additional lighting required
  • Stealth surveillance

With thermal cameras, you get better detection with fewer nuisance alarms.

Construction Site Thermal Camera Detecting a Person


Using thermal cameras improves overall coverage without compromising range. This optimizes coverage while lowering your overall installation cost. With wider field of view, you use fewer cameras and are able to cover more ground.

Longer detection ranges allow you to see smaller details from farther away, making them the perfect solution for applications with long perimeters. Wide field of view security cameras are typically used for solar farms, construction sites, electrical substations, and car dealerships or other large lots and shopping centers.

Advantages of Wide Field of View Cameras include:

  • Lower security system installation cost
  • Longer detection range
  • Perfect for fence line, perimeter and large lot security
  • Wide area detection allowing video analytics to detect a larger intrusion area.