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ECAMSECURE is proud to provide video-verified intrusion detection systems with SmartView technology. SmartView is an intrusion detection system that is monitored for immediate video verification of an alarm or alert, resulting in a priority police response to the verified intrusion. No longer will alerts from your security system be mysterious or vague dispatches to emergency personnel. With SmartView video-verified intrusion detection, your specific security issues become the primary concerns of emergency responders and police personnel, because they’ll know the exact nature of the security event they’re dealing with.

ECAMSECURE provides only the highest level of technology to create convenient and effective security solutions for you. With a full range of wireless devices, the Smartview system is versatile and flexible enough to provide verified security for virtually any application in any setting. And Smartview wireless and cellular technology has an extended battery capability (up to 4 years) to provide anywhere, anytime indoor or outdoor security. Even if you already have an existing alarm system, ECAMSECURE can provide you with a complete video verification upgrade.


The primary goal of video-verified security is to verify security events to receive higher priority response from police and emergency dispatch. You, your home, or your business cannot afford a “just average” response when you expect and need only the best.

Once ECAMSECURE’S central monitoring station receives an intrusion alert, we verify visually and contact the home or business owner. When we notify local law enforcement, they’ll prioritize the call because they’ll know the nature and scope of the security concern—and they’ll know it is a real event.

Consider the difference between a video-verified security response, and the response that will come from using a standard security system. The unfortunate truth is that typical alarm systems result in numerous and frequent “false alarms,”  causing police and emergency responders to second-guess and delay response to such alerts. Police officers are, quite frankly, too busy to be dealing with alarms triggered by pets, faulty alarm systems, or other non-events.

Additionally, a traditional alarm system makes it virtually impossible for responders reacting to an emergency alert to understand what sort of approach is necessary for a given situation. With a video-verified security system from ECAMSECURE, emergency responders know that your legitimate alerts are a priority, and they’ll know what sort of response is appropriate for a given alert. Whether the response requires police, medical, or fire personnel, your home or business will be taken care of from every angle.

SmartView Wireless Burglar Alarm System


The entire SmartView system is wireless and capable of running on powerful batteries, so it can be installed anywhere there is cellular reception. Control panels communicate to monitoring stations over the 3G/4G cellular network or a wired Ethernet connection. Because motion viewers are wireless and need no power cords or onsite electrical supply, they can be easily moved, relocated, and re-positioned as needed. Totally wireless security enables flexible and efficient installation and eliminates disruption and messes caused by drilling and pulling wires.

Whether you’re looking to install a new system in your home or business, or whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing alarm system, ECAMSECURE can work with you to arrive at the perfect security solution. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about intrusive or destructive installation with our convenient wireless systems.

SmartView Video Verified Alarm System


When a security event or intrusion occurs, The SmartView system detects the event and immediately provides video of the incident for instant review at one of ECAMSECURE’S remote monitoring stations. MotionViewers send a ten-second video clip of what tripped a given sensor, allowing for instant verification of the alarm and the threat.

The owner or manager of the property will be notified immediately, and at the same time, the verified alert will be relayed to emergency responders, resulting in an expedited emergency response. Police and emergency responders can be dispatched with priority and efficiency because they’ll be responding to a verified crime-in-progress instead of an uninterpretable alert from a typical alarm system.

With ECAMSECURE’S video verified alarm system, the days of sluggish response to vague alarms and alerts are over.

Outdoor Video Verified Alarm System


A SmartView video-verified system makes protecting formerly impossible outdoor properties an affordable reality. Consider the potential for securing vacant properties, rooftops, parking lots, and more. ECAMSECURE can help you eliminate copper theft, secure jobsites, and  protect tools and equipment with a video verified security system. As a wireless, cordless, and weatherproof security system, the SmartView system has proven to be an excellent candidate for a large variety of outdoor applications. The SmartView system is flexible and adaptable, and can be customized for specific application within your home or business.

  • HVAC / Rooftops
  • Construction Sites
  • Utilities / Substations
  • Remote Facilities, Mines and Gravel Pits
  • Vehicle Lots
  • Agriculture
  • Cell Towers

Working free of the constraints of power and wired-communication, ECAMSECURE’S video verified alarm system can bring you, your home, and your business security from every angle.

Mobile App Security System


ECAMSECURE can offer you peace of mind, even when you’re on the go. Our interactive smartphone app pairs with our video-verified alarm system to make it easy to arm and disarm your system, or request a look-in from any MotionViewer at any time. This final element of connectivity  means that you’ll be able to monitor, control, and communicate with your video verified security devices remotely, at any time, from any location in the world. You can arm and disarm the system, and view high-quality, HD video from any camera you have in operation. Security emergencies don’t wait for convenient times to happen. Be ready with ECAMSECURE’S anywhere, anytime technology.