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With ECAMSECURE’S state-of-the-art time lapse video technology, business owners and construction managers are able to manage, view, and promote their interests like never before.

Document your progress, stay on schedule and make better decisions using ECAMSECURE’S HD time lapse video service. With our time lapse cameras and software, you can monitor your jobsite 24/7 with day to day images, view live camera streams,  and go back to any calendar day to monitor progress throughout the course of your project. Using our software you can even create stunning, professional, HD time lapse videos with a single click.

Time lapse video systems are truly the next step forward in remote surveillance technology, and ECAMSECURE is here to help you take that next step in an affordable and efficient manner.

Time Lapse Construction Security Camera


Using ECAMSECURE’s time lapse project management service allows you to keep historical documentation of your entire project in HD quality video. ECAMSECURE’s time lapse service can also keep track of milestones and track the progress of any project, giving you clear forensic evidence of when jobs were completed. Our time lapse software allows you to zoom in on your project and view the most intricate details of the job to be sure the project stays on time and under budget. You can also use our technology to confirm and monitor scheduled events, deliveries, or employee presence.

Imagine being able to use this information to communicate with stakeholders, associates, and workers to create a streamlined understanding of what’s going on with your project, and a clear understanding of what needs to happen next.

With ECAMSECURE’s Time Lapse Software You Can:

  • Create stunning time lapse presentations with one click.
  • Protect your project from inaccurate liability claims.
  • Verify scheduled events along with employee schedules

Manage Your Project Remotely Using Time Lapse


Time lapse construction camera systems can be used as an effective marketing tool to bring your project to the public, to your stakeholders, and to potential customers. Whether you are in charge of the entire construction project, or whether you’re just one piece of a larger puzzle, it can be critical to get exposure for your brand, your business, and for the great work that you’re doing.  Construction time lapse photography equipped with ECAMSECURE’S sophisticated software will give you the ability to show your hard work and speedy progress to anyone you want.

Advertising, promotion, and marketing are rolled into one with construction time lapse software from ECAMSECURE.


A state-of-the art HD time lapse system provided by ECAMSECURE can also be an effective security and safety tool on your construction or job site. Whether you want to make use of one camera or an entire system of cameras, you’ll be able to monitor your construction site from afar, enhancing  the overall security of your jobsite. The ability to review images over time will take that security even farther, allowing you to monitor and track any sort of activity (criminal or otherwise) over specific periods of time. If you prefer, you can even provide access to your HD time lapse system to outside parties, allowing for further monitoring of your interests.

The visual record provided by ECAMSECURE’S construction time lapse technology is unrivaled.


ECAMSECURE’S time lapse video monitoring is useful for far more than just viewing and managing your construction site remotely. When you implement HD time lapse video at your construction or job site, you’ll also have instant access to an in-depth visual record of what has occurred at your location. This means that if something should occur (break-ins, vandalism, theft, or accidents) you’ll have high definition photographic imagery to appraise and understand the situation as it really occurred. This can help you in arbitrating criminal issues and settling worker disputes, as well as in reducing liability for accident or worker’s compensation claims.

With high-quality, HD photographic records, you won’t lose sleep worrying about being the victim of criminal activity or insurance fraud.


Using ECAMSECURE’s time lapse user interface is easy. We designed our time lapse software with the end user in mind, and our software is the easiest-to-use and most powerful software on the market. We guarantee it.

Our user interface allows you to compare a project’s progress each day, create time lapse video’s with one click, and view your jobsite camera live from any connected device.

Using our time lapse software you can easily keep track of your project.

Our time lapse software includes:

  • One click time lapse video creation: create and watch time lapse videos that demonstrate progress, and share them with your stakeholders and customers.
  • Easy access from any connected device: use ECAMSECURE’S simple yet powerful app to connect with your time lapse system from any location at any time. All you need is a connected device.
  • Split images from different milestones in your project and overlay for comparison: compare progress at your construction project with side-by-side images, or combine images with image overlay to see how progress has affected different areas of your site.
  • A project calendar for easy access to images on any given day: it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day business of running a construction site, but with ECAMSECURE’S convenient software, you’ve got a day-by-day visual record of your construction project at your fingertips.

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Construction Project Time Lapse
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Whether you just need documentation of your job site, or if you want to create a high definition marketing time lapse video, we have the right camera for you. You will be stunned by the high level of quality available from modern time lapse photography surveillance. Modern time lapse photography includes high definition images, full color, data overlays, time stamps, and the ability to manipulate images (zoom and pan) all within easy mobile applications.

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Manage Your Project Remotely Using Time Lapse

Time Lapse Intro Video

ECAMSECURE’S HD time lapse services are unrivaled in the industry. Useful for management, security, and marketing, our customers are finding that the possibilities are endless when working with time lapse technology. Watch our short video to learn more.