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Today’s modern construction sites are using technology to improve operations in a multitude of ways. Using an ECAMSECURE construction camera system with time-lapse software allows anytime access to live views of your construction activity and jobsite conditions while documenting the build process and recording your project progress. Our construction cameras can capture your project from beginning to end in just a few short minutes with a final, high definition, full-color, project time-lapse video. Working with ECAMSECURE, you can utilize construction time-lapse software to achieve goals in construction management, security, and even marketing. The possibilities are endless when you work with ECAMSECURE.


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Benefits of Construction Time Lapse Systems


With construction time lapse systems from ECAMESECURE, you’ll be able to review and compare your project’s progress each day, each week, or between months using split screen and overlay imaging.  Toggle back and forth to quickly compare images to see how your jobsite has changed and improved.  By browsing your time-lapse construction camera images by these specific dates and times, you can effectively travel back in time to any point in your project. The control is at your fingertips.


Using construction time lapse software, you can view your project live at any time and quickly share updates with your team or stakeholders. You’ll be able to share live online, or utilize snapshots and video clips that can be sent via email. Users can easily access the information and images they need, from any internet-enabled device. Conduct online conferences with architects, project managers, owners, and investors. The result for you and your jobsite is better communication, easier project management, and a more efficient and successful project completion.


Combining all of the above elements will make it possible to remotely manage any size or scope of construction project or jobsite. By being able to view the jobsite live, collaborate with relevant parties, and compare and track progress across time, you’ll be able to manage your construction site from any remote location in the world. Your busy schedule won’t get in the way of being able to coordinate the work efforts at your construction site when you use construction time lapse software.


A comprehensive and complete construction time lapse system provided by ECAMSECURE can be a keystone in your security and safety programs. Whether implementing one camera or many, the ability to keep an eye on your construction site from afar will enhance the overall security of your jobsite. The ability to review images over time will take that security one step further, allowing you to track any sort of activity over specific periods of time. In addition, you can reduce your liability in the case of injuries or emergencies, as you’ll have a clear and complete visual record of what goes on at your jobsite. The visual record provided by ECAMESECURE’S construction time lapse technology is unrivaled.


Time lapse construction camera systems can be used to effectively market your brand to the public, to your stakeholders, and to potential customers. Whether you are in charge of the entire construction project, or whether you’re simply one element working on a larger job, you want exposure for the great work you do. Construction time lapse photography equipped with ECAMSECURE’S sophisticated software will give you the ability to show your quality work and efficient progress to any interested party. Promotion, marketing, and advertising are rolled into one with construction time lapse software from ECAMSECURE.

Capabilities of ECAMESECURE’S Construction Time Lapse Systems

Compare Images with Overlay

Nothing is more important on a construction site than measuring and comparing progress. One of the most effective capabilities of construction time lapse software is the ability to do just that. With construction time lapse software you can view specific areas of your jobsite on a certain date, and compare that same area with an overlaid image from another date. This capability is fully customizable, allowing you to make comparisons between any date and time at any location where the technology is installed. Being able to view and compare specific areas of your jobsite, or the entire construction project as a whole, is an invaluable tool for project managers.


Enter to win time lapse for your next project

High Resolution Time Lapse images

Jobsite Weather Data at Your Fingertips

When it comes to managing a jobsite—especially managing it remotely—there is perhaps no more important variable to have a grasp on than the weather. While you can’t change or control the weather, understanding the current situation at your construction site is critical to your decision-making process. Checking in on your jobsite live through construction time lapse software is the easiest way to instantly know what the current weather conditions are, and how they may be changing at a given moment. Don’t rely on weather reports or predictions—rely on your own eyes. With this information, you’ll be able to monitor progress remotely and make decisions based on weather conditions from anywhere in the world.

High-Definition Images You Can Work With

The images captured by one or multiple time lapse construction cameras on your jobsite will be high-definition, full color images that can be displayed to you and your stakeholders on virtually any device from a remote location. Even better, you’ll be able to pan, zoom, and manipulate those images to get the best view of your construction site or jobsite. With construction time lapse software, you’ll have a clear vision of what’s happening at your jobsite at all times.

Real-time Calendar Updates

Construction time lapse software also allows for progress monitoring through an integrated calendar that allows you to not only bring up progress images from any date and time (as mentioned above), but also to receive real-time updates through the calendar software. Progress is key in construction, and you want all the tools you can to monitor that progress with ease.