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Our mobile surveillance unit provides a reliable, scalable and affordable security solution for construction sites, parks, vehicle lots, marinas, special events and more.

Mobile video surveillance systems provide you with high-powered IP cameras for temporary or mobile security that are mounted on tripods or poles on compact trailers.

ECAMSECURE®  Mobile surveillance systems offer the following benefits:

  • Units record locally or remotely via our central station and can be augmented with motion detection cameras, license plate capture, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras and a myriad of useful options and combinations.
  • ECAMSECURE ® mobile surveillance systems can be configured to activate on intrusion and send video to our Alarm Operators in ECAMSECURE’s UL Listed, Alarm Central Station, who contact the site owner or local authorities once the alarm has been verified.
  • Its mere presence is a crime deterrent as it maintains wireless visual and audio contact with a property owner or builder 24 hours a day.
  • Used as both a temporary and permanent security installation in many situations.
  • ECAMSECURE ® has now made available a solar-powered version of the MSU as a “green” security solution where power sources are limited or as an alternative to costly and environmentally unfriendly gas generators.

Whether the construction site is local or in extreme or remote locations with limited access to power, ECAMSECURE ® offers a variety of Mobile Surveillance Units (or MSU) to fit your job site needs:


Our Portable Camera System is a complete end-to-end security system housed in a small, but powerful, package.


The MSU Standard comes with two HD cameras and is time lapse ready delivering high definition images of your job site that can be used in conjunction with our time lapse software to manage your site remotely or create stunning HD time lapse videos to help promote your project.The unit can be used alone or can be used to keep track of large job sites via numerous MSU’s wirelessly connected to one MSU to centralize video streams.


The MSU Pro comes with four HD cameras and is perfect for sites that have power available to hard-wire or plug into and want to keep their cost down. The brighter lighting that this unit provides helps as both a visual deterrent and extra lighting on site during evening hours.


The MSU Pro Solar also comes with four HD cameras and is an energy efficient remote video management system with two-way audio. After we install these mobile surveillance units to your site, the unit can record locally or remotely through our central station at ECAMSECURE.


The MSU Hybrid offers complete flexibility for temporary, or permanent, remote video surveillance with energy efficient LED outdoor lighting. The unit is powered by solar panels for clean operation with an environmentally friendly diesel generator to recharge the batteries during cloudy or rainy days.

All of our MSU’s can be customized to fit your needs with options such as ultra HD, thermal and PTZ cameras as well as radar guided surveillance systems. Contact us to find out more

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