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Monitoring and tracking the security and performance of construction projects or live events is often a difficult and complicated task due to the constantly changing job site or event environment.

Our time lapse software can be used with most cameras and allows anytime access to live views of your project or event activity and conditions while documenting the build process or event and recording your project or event progress.

Our time-lapse cameras can capture your project or event from beginning to end in just a few short minutes with a final, high definition, time-lapse project video.

This unique technology integrates job site photos that can be shared with colleagues to create an indisputable record of any construction process. Compare progress, mitigate risk, and collaborate remotely.

Time-lapse services are ideal for residential and commercial construction job sites, stadiums and arenas, or energy and utility installations where documented cost-efficient asset protection over large areas is necessary.

ECAMSECURE® time-lapse services offer many benefits:

  • Unlimited access to your uploaded images lets you see what is happening now and review what has already happened.
  • Review and compare your event or project’s progress using split screen and overlay imaging with fully customizable dates and times.
  • Share live online, or via snapshots and video clips that can be sent via email.
  • Jobsite weather data at your fingertips
  • Real-time calendar updates

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