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Construction Security

Intelligent Video Monitoring Solutions for construction site security

Protect your construction site from theft and reduce security costs!


Deterrence is the first line of defense in solving theft and vandalism for construction sites.  Our Mobile Surveillance Units are highly visible and can reduce theft and vandalism just by their conspicuous and commanding presence on site. With flashing strobe lights and audible voice down features from our construction camera, would-be vandals and thieves are deterred by our construction site security before even entering the perimeter of the job site.


If an intrusion is detected via a construction cameras, our ECAMSECURE central station virtual guards will announce over an audio warning system that the intruder has been detected, that they are being observed and that the police will be dispatched. In many cases the intruders will immediately flee the scene.  The event is also recorded by our construction camera and a video clip of the incident can be provided to the client and/or the authorities.


ECAMSECURE construction site security can quickly assess an intrusion and respond as necessary.  With the use of video analytics, video verification, license plate capture cameras and two-way audio warning systems, our construction security virtual guard monitoring personnel are able to analyze and identify what is happening on your site.


Our virtual guard personnel follow a predetermined protocol – in the event of a security breach and intrusion our monitoring personnel will call local authorities, provide verification, and guide responders directly to the appropriate area at your location.  They can also notify your designated emergency contacts and send video clips and snap shots of the event via email.

ECAMSECURE is the pioneer and construction industry’s leader in outdoor video surveillance and construction site security cameras across the United States. ECAMSECURE has been providing construction and commercial site cameras and security for job sites of all sizes for over 15 years.  Having a construction site camera to video monitor your jobsite is one of the most important investments a company can make to protect assets, employees, and customers.

We can deploy and install one or more of our construction cameras or Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs) at your job site location. The construction camera or MSU are monitored remotely by our command center to deter and detect theft, vandalism or robbery “before” or as it occurs, and can trigger a response or intervention in real time by our virtual guard personnel. The mere  construction security MSU presence will act as a deterrent to potential thieves and trespassers.

Mobile Surveillance Unit Mini (MSU Mini)

Security Surveillance Solutions

ECAMSECURE construction site security technology protects your jobsites in HD and can also include 4k construction cameras, live streaming video, and thermal image cameras.  Our time-lapse construction site camera Mobile Surveillance Units allow you to view your property from virtually anywhere, using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Our Video Surveillance products include:

  • Virtual Guard
  • Video Verified Alarm Systems
  • Mobile Surveillance Units
  • CCTV
  • Time-lapse Construction Cameras
  • Construction Webcams
  • Archiving
  • Remote Video Management
  • Energy Efficient Solar Solutions
  • Access Control

ECAMSECURE can also design, engineer and retrofit a state-of-the-art construction security system. Along with being UL-listed for intrusion protection, our Central Station has also received the prestigious CSAA Five Diamond award for commitment to training and service excellence.

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