Vacant commercial properties are a prime target for thieves and vandals. Properties can be quickly devalued by intruders, making a property less attractive to a potential tenant or buyer.

Because many of these commercial properties may not be generating revenue, it’s important to select a property management security service that is both affordable and effective.

ECAMSECURE can provide a variety of temporary or permanent property management security systems. Our solar-powered mobile surveillance units can be strategically placed on your property, not only monitoring activity and notifying our command center of any intrusions, but their mere presence will act as a deterrent to potential thieves and trespassers. In addition, these surveillance units allow you to view your property remotely from virtually anywhere, using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

An ECAMSECURE system can help you identify and safeguard against:

  • graffiti
  • vandalism
  • squatters
  • window breakage
  • theft of electrical wiring, metal pipes, and HVAC units
  • property damage due to acts of nature
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